Published on October 24, 2016

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When DIY-ing costumes, decorations, new recipes, and more, Halloween fails are bound to happen. Luckily, most end in a good laugh and an even better time. Keep reading for 11 hilarious #HalloweenFails that are bound to make your day.

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Photography by @WCOLBYW

hidden candy gone wrong

Hiding (or storing!) things in the oven is a classic trick. But if you’re going to keep your kids’ Halloween candy in there, just make sure all the adults are in on the hiding spot, to avoid the fail you see here. 

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Photography by @ROCCO_RONI

toilet paper dog-mummy

Turns out the fluffiest dogs are actually kind of hard to wrap in toilet paper. #mummyfail

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Photography by @KYLE.WELDEN

almost-cute-but-crying baby

Some babies just don’t want to be placed inside a carved pumpkin, no matter how adorable the photo opp.

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Photography by @ERINNRAY

missing the fall foliage

Depending on where you’re at in the country, waiting to take that picturesque hike until after celebrating Halloween can result in leaf-less Instagram.

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Photography by @THEBOOKOFMON

when squirrels attack

Some squirrels clearly have a mind of their own, which includes making your perfectly carved pumpkin their new home.

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Photography by @KAZAJ21

buried decorations

When your Halloween decorations are close, but oh so far… 

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Photography by @MSJOYCHRISTINE

summer, is that you?

The warmer-than-usual weather is nice, but is majorly throwing off our festive state of mind. At least it’s not snowing (yet), right?

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Photography by @CHICKY_THE_CAT

cats are not humans

Dressing your pets up in human costumes, just like adults dressing up in kids costumes, just doesn’t work. 

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Photography by @RAH_NDA

incorrect costume labels

Someone has their emojis seriously mixed up. 

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Photography by @TRICH7224

same, but different

We get repurposing containers for large, circular fruits and veggies like watermelons and pumpkins, is great for the environment… But it creates slightly mixed signals (and a few good laughs!) for shoppers.

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pinterest dessert fails

When your cute desserts to enjoy while the kids trick-or-treat turn into this. (Don’t worry, it happens to the best of us.) 

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seasonally-themed packaged foods

Failing to pick up seasonal treats might just be avoiding a fail in the first place.

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Photography by @_.COURTCOURT._

holiday hospital visits

Warning: Going too hard on the dance floor may result in a quick trip to the emergency room.

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Photography by @SOMELUCKYDOGS

sad pups

Sometimes (okay, most times), your animals will not appreciate whatever Halloween accessories you have purchased for them. It’s a fact of life.

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Photography by @HEY_NEY_NEY

spooky prank gone wrong

Scaring yourself with your own prank is a classic example of Halloween trickery gone awry.