Why Mykonos Isn’t the Party Island You Thought It Was

It has so much more to offer than just a vibrant nightlife.

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This summer, Greece and the country’s surrounding islands reigned supreme as a travel destination. It seemed as though our Instagram feeds were blowing up with photos of gorgeous Grecian vistas, enticing beaches, and fresh seafood. We have a pretty good hunch that this fad isn’t ending anytime soon (and why would it? Greece is a dream destination). So, while you’re in the midst of planning your next big vacation, we took it upon ourselves to give you the ultimate guide to one of the best Greek islands to visit: Mykonos.

Mykonos gets the reputation as a destination for partiers, but non-partiers shouldn’t be deterred. The island is dynamic and has a lot to offer. While you’ll easily encounter the infamous Mykonos parties that keep on keepin’ on until 11AM (no that is not a typo), there are also plenty of places to relax and enjoy your holiday, too.

So, with the tips ahead in hand, go ahead and book that vacation to Mykonos without having to think too hard about it. You won’t be sorry.

Where to Stay

San Giorgio Mykonos: On the southern tip of the island, San Giorgio is the place to stay. Every corner is as Instagrammable as the next, which could be polarizing if the hotel wasn’t such a lovely place to stay both visually and service-wise. You’ll wake up to views of the sea, enjoy great food prepared with care, and the hotel will even have their wonderful guest experiences manager set up a tailor-made itinerary for your stay, if you so please.

Grace Hotel: If you’re looking for a hotel that is in close proximity to Mykonos town, but still outside of the touristy bustle, then the Grace hotel could be the choice for you. Equipped with a spa and direct access to the beach, this hotel is great for those who want to fully pamper themselves.

Bill & Coo: Hotels situated right in Mykonos town can be attractive for some, and a drawback for others. Luckily, Bill & Coo is situated right on the edge of Mykonos town with only a five minute walk to all the restaurants, galleries, and shops. The hotel’s minimalist design and gorgeous infinity pool overlooking the Aegean makes it clear why they’re known as one of the best boutique hotels on the island.

Where to Eat

Fokos Tavern: Get away from the masses at this local spot. Go for lunch and pack your towels and swimsuits to post up after your meal at the beach situated in a gorgeous cove.

Interni: Dinner one night (or more!) in Mykonos Town is a must. The shops don’t open until late, and the town starts to bustle as soon as the sun goes down. This restaurant has good food, and the vibe is fun, too. Book a late reservation as people really start to trickle in around 10PM, and enjoy your meal in the open-air dining room.

Principote Panormos: The outdoor restaurant at this organized beach could very well be in the French Riviera. Schedule both a late lunch reservation and a daybed on the beach, arrive at 11AM, and enjoy yourself all day long. Depending on the day, Principote Panormos can either be a full on party, or a place to chill. Be sure to call ahead and inquire, so you’re not surprised when you arrive.

What to do

Scorpios: Scorpios is the place to go if you’re looking to have the quintessential Mykonos party experience. If you’re not looking to party, but you want to see what the party scene is all about, go to Scorpios for sunset, make a dinner reservation, and then decide if you want to stay for a drink. Even if you decide to leave post-dinner, you will have gotten a taste of the party scene as well as a good, lively meal.

Dio Horia: While wandering around Mykonos Town in the evening, make sure to stumble your way into Dio Horia Contemporary Art Platform. The gallery, which also has a residency program and publishing arm, is a smart, careful, and downright cool curation that rivals any great New York gallery. Plus, there is a bar on the roof that is not to be missed.

Alemagu: After driving in on the dirt road and arriving at a boho reprieve, you’ll feel like you’ve just arrived somewhere where Burning Man meets Tulum. Similar to Principote Panormos (listed above), Alemagu is a great place to rent a sunbed, book a lunch reservation, and spend your entire day (possibly with a glass of rosé in hand) lounging on the beach. While Panormos is more about the restaurant, Alemagu is more about the beach. Expect an impromptu DJ set when it hits late afternoon.

Day trip to Rinia and Delos: Hire a boat for the day to Rinia, a beautiful private island with crystal blue water and Delos, an island with great history.

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