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Nearly on the other side of the world, Bali is a true destination. But it’s unique because while the views are some of the most jaw-dropping in the world, its beauty is beyond superficiality. It has substance and spirituality built into its DNA and culture, making it one of the most unique and special places in the world.

And there is a world for each type of person within Bali, whether you’re looking for a surfer’s paradise, spiritual destination, non-stop parties, or delicious local food. There is something for everyone, and we searched high and low for every part of the tiny island that’s worth your time, organized by your personality type.



The waves in Bali are some of the most intense in the world—one professional surfer who lives in Bali described the “swells as epically huge.” I don’t know what that means, but if you do, you’ll love it!


Where to stay

  • The Slow:

    The chic, minimalist beach hotel for the upscale surfer in you. 

Where to eat

  • The Lawn:

    If you like surfing, you’ll be content staying in Canggu, and this place has the best pool and views.

  • Old Man’s:

    Situated literally on the beach, it’s Williamsburg meets Bali.

  • Deus Ex Machina in Canggu:

    The design is incredible and intrinsic. Deus Ex Machina (pictured above) is your go-to for food/drinks, and anything you’d need for surfing/skating/motorcycling. Their clothing line makes for really next level gifting, too.

What to do


If ‘spa’ing’ is a verb for you, then Bali is about to be your favorite proper noun. Balinese spas usually incorporate more spiritual practices into treatments, meaning they’ll work on both your physical and mental well being.  


Where to stay

  • Four Seasons Jimbaran Bay and Four Seasons Sayan:

    When the spa director of both of these locations is an expert in nearly every healing field possible, you know you’re going to have a revolutionary spa experience. The chakra treatments at both locations are potentially life-changing if you’re willing to embrace their power and expertise the healers can provide.

What to do

  • Prana Spa:

    Get those chakras aligned with their award-winning healing treatments.

  • Utama Spices:

    Where to grab your necessary essential oils after treatments.

  • Fivelements:

    Serving raw food you actually want to eat, and also epic yoga retreats.


The food scene is Bali is becoming a good enough reason alone to visit. Balinese cuisine is fresh and bright, and chefs from around the world are embracing the culture and locale for inspiration.


Where to eat

  • Da Maria:

    Owned by Australians, inspired by Sicily: It sounds strange to head to an Italian restaurant in Bali, but the food is incredible and somehow really authentically Sicilian. (And the design is super bright and fresh.)

  • Locavore:

    Working closely with local farmers, they fosters sustainability within its community. 

  • NOOK:

    Go grab a colorful breakfast bowl in the middle of rice paddy fields.

  • Hujan Locale:

    The design is inspired by classic French Vietnam decor; the food is inspired by classic Indonesian cuisine from all over the country; and Chef Will Meyrick is a fireball and reason enough to visit.

  • La Laguna:

    Tapas bar and restaurant for the boho-chic consumer in you.

What to do

  • Four Seasons Jimbaran Bay Cooking School:

    Let your new BFF Chef Kris walk you around the local fish market to grab fresh seafood and produce, then head back to the kitchen to make a full five-course meal that is inspiring and highly educational. 


This list is a collection of highly curated shopping from local artisans showcasing their crafts and wares.


Where to shop

  • Canaan:

    All products are made with techniques handed down over generations from both Indonesia and other parts of the world.

  • Gaya:

    Handmade in Ubud, the ceramics sold here are literally one of a kind.

  • Jenggala:

    Handcrafted ceramics based off of classic Balinese designs.

  • Threads of Life:

    Epically beautiful objects for you and your home, made with fair trade practices that work to conserve and alleviate poverty in rural Indonesia.


Looking to stay up all night and dance? There is plenty of late-night nightlife in Bali, too.


Where to eat

  • Motel Mexicola:

    A tropical oasis for dancing, tacos, and margaritas.

  • BO$$ MAN:

    An epic gourmet burger shop that’s open until 4 am.

Where to go

  • Jenja:

    A geometric and colorful designed bar/club.

  • No Más Bar:

    Live music and dancing in a nonchalant setting.

  • Mirror:

    Feel like you’re in a Gothic cathedral with stained glass windows and towering ceilings, but with pounding beats.


Perhaps one of the most unique things about Bali is its inherent spirituality and wellness. Blessings are incorporated into everyday life, and nearly every local on the island seems to have a remedy for any woes (“Use oils with vetiver if you’re feeling uneasy.” “Use this special breathing technique to become more at peace.”).

Take advantage of their wealth of knowledge and expertise by experiencing blessings by local priests for future wellbeing and head to water temples for melukat to wash away any bad ailments.


Where to eat

  • Bali Buddha:

    For all your local food and wellness needs, from organic, local chocolate to organic chicken to herbal body sprays based on specific needs.

What to do

  • Pyramids of Chi:

    A truly revolutionary experience with sound healing with two pyramids built to scale with the Great Pyramid of Giza (interior pictured above).

  • Lempuyang ‘the thousand steps’ Temple:

    The most jaw-dropping spot in Bali (it might even contend for world), the Candi Bentar entrance overlooks the great Mount Agung, and is one of the oldest and most regarded temples in Indonesia.

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