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Good news: I just went to Bali! Bad news: I just went to Bali, and it took about 40+ hours each way to arrive at my Four Seasons destination.

Really long flights in tight seats, really long immigration lines, really long car rides, and I survived basically because of these beauty and skincare products that kept me looking and feeling like a human being.

On The Plane

Byredo Vetyver Rinse Free Hand Wash ($30) not only gets the job done at removing gross plane bacteria from the your hands, it also gives major luxe vibes and smells.

Cremorlab T.E.N. Cremor Cleansing Veil Wipes ($24) removes makeup and hydrates before you mask. (And you gotta mask, folks.)

Nannette De Gaspe Restorative Techstile Masque ($120) is especially great for travel because it can be used up to three different times, as it’s a dry mask. But don’t be deceived by the word dry—it’s highly hydrating and anti-aging.

Mizon Intensive Skin Barrier Eye Gel Mask ($5) is also brilliant for hydrating just around the eyes. I try to do both a sheet and eye mask for a long flight, it really makes a difference in the quality of your skin the days after you deplane.

Caudalie Beauty Elixir ($18) is a must mid-flight for as many hydrating and refreshing spritzes as needed. (I’ll sometimes average about 20+ spritzes during a flight.)

Swissco Natural Bristle Soft Toothbrush ($6) is super chic, and you’re going to want to brush your teeth in the middle of a long flight. Or Spry Xylitol Gum ($3) is the closest you can get to brushing your teeth and fighting cavities without actually brushing your teeth.

Lano Rose Hand Cream Intense ($18) is perfect for hydrating hands, and has really fab packaging to boot. But wipe down surfaces first with natural antibacterial EO Lavender Hand Wipes ($3.99).

Glossier Coconut Balm Dotcom ($12) actually stays on lips for a good while and is really hydrating (and smells like a tropical beach).

8G ($28 for two tubes) for that “glowing from the inside out” look and feel.

Refresh Tears Eye Drops ($12) just in case dry eyes sneak up on you. Nothing is worse than being unprepared for dry eyes.

Swell Water Bottle ($35) is great at Goldilocks’ing, it’s big enough to fill up enough water for an entire flight but not so big that it’s a burden to carry around. (Most airports now have handy water bottle refilling stations, too, or a water fountain gets the job done too.)

Lavanila Sport Luxe Deodorant Mini ($9) is handy and the perfect size for mid-flight reapplication.


Calm Sleep Mist ($29.99) is small enough to carry on board with you, and perfect for a soothing sleep experience—whether on the plane or in a foreign hotel room.

Slip Silk Eye Mask ($45) for all you sensitive sleepers out there, this is the best eye mask. I wear mine every night, and on every flight.

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