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Rose-Marie Swift built the natural beauty empire of RMS Beauty organically (pun intended) after a very serious health scare of toxicity associated with high levels of chemicals in skincare and beauty products. The world renowned makeup artist wanted to create something to empower women to look great, while taking care of their skin organically. While RMS is based in Charleston, as is Swift, she enjoys traveling the world for both work and for exotic vacays. We got a glance at her favorite summer getaways—and what she’s bringing along to each locale.

Sydney, Australia

I stay only at the Park Hyatt—it’s on the water, has views of the Opera House, and the breakfast is the best I’ve had anywhere in the world. I love to visit the Mecca stores that sell RMS Beauty, and then make a quick stop at Bondi Beach.

For long flights, 

I use my lip and skin balm to keep my skin well balanced; it is super rich and emollient so it makes the best moisturizer and eye cream. I also travel with my favorite cashmere blanket from Barney’s to stay comfortable and warm. I like to keep my makeup simple so a little Un-Cover Up, mascara, my signature red lip—and that’s it. I also always curl my eyelashes; I have an obsession with curling my lashes.

Tokyo, Japan 

The Aman is hands down the most amazing hotel I’ve ever stayed in. There is nothing like it—the simplistic architecture is captivating. I love to relax at their pool and exercise room, indulge in a massage, and just take in the simple elegance of the hotel.

Harbour Island Bahamas 

I have been traveling here every summer for decades. I started on shoots for Victoria’s Secret and was immediately hooked. I am very loyal to staying at Pink Sands. It’s right on the beach, and they have rooms that are super spacious and very island-authentic.

Dinner is always at Pips. It is incredible, and I run into friends every visit. We eat on the large patio at sunset; it’s so peaceful. I have to have at least one lunch at Sip Sip—the lobster quesadilla is not to be missed.

When I’m in the Bahamas I just take a little RMS Beauty Coconut Oil, my RMS red lipstick, and make sure to have a nice comfortable linen dress to throw on after the beach when I’m cruising around the island on the golf cart.

Best part is Frankie, my yorkie, always comes with me, and she loves the island. I also travel with a Bkr water bottle. I fill it up with water and Pure Synergy Superfood to stay hydrated as much as possible since I’m in the sun most of the day.

Savannah, Georgia

It’s my new travel must. I love it so much that I bought a home there this year and am making it my new home when I’m not traveling for work. I was instantly drawn in by the aura of the city, how close the beach is, and it’s a great escape from New York.

I have grown fond of many restaurants—The Collins QuarterCirca 1876, and Elizabeth’s—but I’m still discovering my new city. Frankie enjoys my little courtyard and hunts the squirrels. We just explore around all of the markets and antique shops. (Ed note: The newly launched Signature Set palette is perfect for running around a city exploring and chasing squirrels!)