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You know a swimsuit is perfect when it makes you want to immediately grab a towel and get under an umbrella stat. And this year, the swimwear doing the trick is fun, colorful, geometric, and bold. But a great suit deserves a great destination, so in this three-part mini series, we talk to some of the most beloved swim designers to discuss the best parts of summer, besides sun and surf: travel and entertaining. First up: Mara Hoffman on her recent trip to Costa Rica.


The last trip I took was to: 

Nosara in Costa Rica. I went with my husband and son and stayed at the Harmony Hotel, which we fell deeply in love with.

My favorite part of it was: 

Detaching from the daily chaos, really breaking out of those stress patterns and getting in touch with an inner calm. When you’re living and working in the city, it’s always nice to get out and reconnect with nature. And of course, being with my family is sincerely my favorite thing to do.

Something I learned while there was: 

I learned my son is a natural surfer. His first time on a board and it was like he’d done it a thousand times before. I also realized how good it is to add a few extra days to your vacation—I mean why not? I rarely allow myself to take more than five days, but upping it to eight really made a huge impact.

If I could pack all over again, this is what I would do differently:

I’d say I’m happy with how I packed. Whenever I’m traveling, I usually pull from the sample racks and get to be the test wearer for a lot of our designs. Then, I can come back and tell the team how they felt. It’s a pretty sweet job.

Where I want to go next:

Cuba is the next place I have in mind. My Husband’s family is Cuban, and I’d really like to be able to see and experience it.

The swimsuit you would pair with Costa Rica: 

Our Twist Front Bandeau Bikini Top and High Waisted Bikini Bottom in Marimba Black (which I’m wearing in the photo above!).

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