We Never Board a Plane Without These Items

The travel musts we always have in our carry-on.

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It’s an understatement to say that team Domino travels a lot. We got places to go, people to see, design to admire, facials to get! As do you, which is why we assembled the comprehensive list of the items we never travel without. After all, a well-curated carry-on bag can make traveling a first class experience, even when you’re in economy. From the basics, like cozy socks and snacks, to the not-so basics—hand masks anyone?—here’s everything that we never board a plane without.

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Antibacterial Wipes & Hand Sanitizer

Guys, planes are dirty. And not just the bathroom, which is pretty darn gross. The tray table is filthy, and, hey, so is the seatbelt, and seat back pocket. Honestly, anywhere that you are considering touching is disgusting. What can you do? Wipe things down. Sure, you may look a little OCD wiping down your tray table, seatbelt, and armrest before takeoff, but damnit, it’s worth it to reduce your germ interaction and avoid getting sick.

Some members on our team like the good ‘ole Wet Wipes, but most of us prefer a chemical-free, cleaner version. Our Visuals Director, Meghan McNeer, swears by EO Hand Sanitizer Wipes in lavender, which smell great, have no toxic chemicals, and really get the job done.

While we’re chatting cleanliness, we’d be remiss not to mention hand sanitizer. While you could grab the standard kills-everything-in-its-path version, we prefer the cleaner, but still effective versions. EO also makes a great, very slim-sized Peppermint Hand Sanitizer ($1.69) that works just as well as any chemical-reliant version.

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Water Bottle

The recycled air on planes is extremely dry, so while a glass water bottle might seem not worth the precious space in your carry-on, we’d argue it’s worth it, especially since so many airports (and public spaces) are now making clean, purified water a priority and free offering.

A glass water bottle can also double as a to-go iced coffee container wherever you are visiting, too. Mother Earth will be eternally thankful for your thoughtfulness. We’re loving the new bkr Water Balm and Bottle duo ($60), which is the perfectly sized 500 mL bottle, and comes with a super hydrating, glossy lip treatment that snaps onto the top of the bottle, but can be easily removed so you can take the balm with you, even when you’re bottle isn’t around.



As mentioned above, germs are everywhere on planes. We love an immunity boost wherever we can get one, including Vitamin C packets and stress relievers. Natural Vitality Calm, which comes in powder form (and raspberry and lemon flavored), is a favorite and is perfectly sized for those on-the-go. The calcium and magnesium blend soothes your body and mind, making it nature’s version of a prescription anti-anxiety pill.

Also try an aromatherapy oil to help ease your mind. We love de Mamiel Altitude Oil ($44), which is exactly blended to calm your mind, and boost your immune system naturally—and it just smells fantastic, which is essential when great scents are few and far between on a long-haul flight.

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Gut health is general health, guys—and especially when you’re traveling. A good probiotic is an absolute must to keep your body’s daily functions consistent. And one that doesn’t need to be refrigerated is necessity (a probiotic has to be specifically blended so it’s active ingredients can survive without living in a fridge).

Photography by The Nue Co.

Here are a few of our favorites: The Nue Co Prebiotic + Probiotic ($85), which is so advanced in formulation that it’s helpful even for more sensitive stomachs and conditions, like IBS. Seed Daily Synbiotic ($49.99) is new on the market and taking it by storm, with their gender-focused probiotics that are entirely based around not only healing your gut and keeping you healthy, but also being travel-friendly (it even comes with a handy tiny to-go container).

Another one of our wellness experts swears by Vibrant Health Green Vibrance ($14.99) for her all around probiotic and green health, which she puts in either water or a smoothie in the morning (she even says it kept her healthy when traveling 250 days out of the year).

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Hand Cream

Dry hands are the worst! Our Style Director, Kate Berry, always has a travel-friendly size in her carry-on bag, usually Kiehl’s Ultimate Strength Hand Salve ($16), which can soothe the driest of skin.

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Lip Balm or Lip Mask

Obviously your lips are going to need some extra TLC. Lip balms are great, but you kind of need to reapply frequently. Try out a lip mask instead. We’re huge fans of Bite Agave Lip Mask ($26) because it actually sticks on the lips for hours on end. (I use it every night as my overnight lip treatment to keep lips hydrated and conditioned.)

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Healthy Snacks

Plane food can be, uh, less than desirable at times. Plan ahead with a few quick, easy snacks. No time to plan ahead? To-go bars, like Rx Bars, are ideal for a super quick bite to eat. Another smart idea? Dry oatmeal packets can transform into a meal with some hot water from your flight attendant. You can even add some to-go almond butter or nuts for extra protein.  

Snacks sorted, you can also bring along your favorite tea, too. A packet of ginger turmeric tea is perfect for long flights.

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A (Reliable) Portable Charger

Our visuals director (who is the queen of travel photography) always has portable charger in her bag. She really loves this Mophie PowerStation Mini ($29.95) specifically for its bold berry color and perfectly portable size.


A Massage Ball

You know what you might be missing in your travel bag? A massage ball. No, really. This simple little ball can help ease sore muscles, and can act as your own personal masseuse. Just trust us—it can really work wonders after a long day on an airplane. A tennis ball is also great for this, too.

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A Perfectly Sized Pouch

One of our directors labels her skincare and makeup bag in her carry-on as her ‘Impossibly Fresh’ bag. A handy option is Flight 001 X-Ray Bag ($14.99). Seems obvious, but having a single bag as your everything-beauty-in-one-spot makes freshening up mid-flight or at your destination super organized and quick. No more digging around to fish your eye cream or concealer from the bottom of your giant bag.

Alternatively, purchase a bag with the products already ready to go for the ultimate ease. Our style director loves Aesop’s Jet Set Kit ($41) with shampoo, conditioner, body wash, and lotion.

This one-spot-fits-all concept also works for tech items, too: Pick a pouch and put your headphones, chargers, and Mophies all in one spot to keep things very organized.

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While I have stopped in-flight masking, per the recommendation from Renee Rouleau, others in our office still swear by it to keep their skin hydrated. Our visuals director likes to start an in-flight movie and then start masking, first with a hand mask, like Karuna Age-Defying Hand Mask ($9.50).

Photography by Collective Hand

Sleep, Please!

Speaking of masks, if you’re looking to get some sleep, an eye masks that blocks out light will majorly improve your chances of snoozing. This gorgeous Aromatherapy Eye Mask ($38) looks great, plus it’s full of lavender for major spa vibes.

A travel pillow can be aesthetically difficult to find, as well as cumbersome and bulky. This Huzi Infinity Pillow ($35.99) situation feels easy, versatile, and effective.

Nothing puts a damper on sleep like being cold—I mean, is there anything worse than being chilly on a plane? A scarf that doubles as a blanket is a total pro move. Block Shop Date Palm ($120) is not only super soft (it is 75 percent cotton and 25 percent silk, after all), it’s also kind of the most gorgeous, right?

And don’t let your toes get chilled. A nice pair of cozy, comfortable socks that you slip on mid-flight can be a total game changer. Hansel from Basel makes a bunch of fun options, and these Happy Smiles socks ($14) are kind of the cutest. (We’ll take warm, smiling faces wherever they are.)

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Books, But With A Twist

Our executive editor, Alex Redgrave, loves to pack minimally, except for when it comes to books, which she loves to fill up her suitcase with good old paperback options. She’s loving all things Rebecca Solnit right now, especially A Field Guide to Getting Lost.

Our visual director, being so creative, always brings a book to read on her trips, but she loves to pair her paperbacks with the location she’s travelling to. She just visited Havana, and brought along Next Year in Havana.  

If you’re looking for a more comprehensive toiletries guide, head here for all things beauty, hair, and skincare when traveling, and we’ve also got some pretty clever travel hacks, if you need any tips for maximizing your goods.

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