Published on March 11, 2020

If you and your partner constantly fight over the covers, it might be time for a sleep divorce. More and more couples are opting to sleep in separate rooms, like photographer Tessa Neustadt and her boyfriend—or even separate houses à la Gwyneth Paltrow and her husband. But you don’t need all that space. An easy alternative is to give up that king or queen for a decidedly old-school option: side-by-side beds.

It’s an idea right out of I Love Lucy, but that doesn’t mean it’s regressive—having your own twin or full-size bed might just be the change you need. Just think of the freedom of being able to toss and turn all night long, without disrupting your partner’s sleep cycle weighing on your conscience. The science is there, too: A 2013 study showed that lovers’ quarrels are far more likely to happen after a restless night. Going your separate ways before you doze off could very well make for a less-strained relationship. 

Not to mention, a side-by-side setup can look fresh and modern—read: not like a hotel or a kid’s room—with the right styling. Just take a look at these spaces.

The Mirror Image

Room with yellow walls and twin blue bedsPin It
Photography by Claire Esparros; Design by Pieces Home

This guest room in Pieces Home takes a straightforward approach to the double-bed phenomenon: Create two identical furnishings, down to the linens, and everyone’s happy. 

The Shared Table

Bedroom with two beds sharing one long headboardPin It
Photography by Nicole Franzen; Design by Studio Robert McKinley

Robert McKinley’s interiors are never overcomplicated, including this room in Montauk. The designer opted for a single sleek table instead of two bulkier nightstands, as as well as one long wood headboard shared by both beds.

The Inverse Effect

Two beds with mixed-and-matched beddingPin It
Photography by Alexander James

A similar mishmash of patterns makes two separate colorways perfect complements. Fashion designer Duro Olowu’s fabric collection for Soane Britain is well suited for maximalist couples.

The Dark and Stormy

Two black beds in dark blue roomPin It
Photography by Sharyn Cairns; Design by Flack Studio

Thanks to midnight blue walls and black bedding, this space by Flack Studio pretty much guarantees great sleep. Here, simplicity is key—but don’t forget a funky bedside lamp to keep it feeling fresh.

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