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Manchester’s newly minted Whitworth Locke is not your average hotel. The establishment is set in a refurbished 19th-century building—formerly a historic cotton mill—hints of which are scattered throughout, visible amid the stunning renovation and redesign led by the NYC-based studio Grzywinski+Pons.

While the design was driven by the intent of preserving the storied characteristics of the locale, the duo who led the charge in the project, Matthew Grzywinski and Amador Pons, were keen on instilling elements of their home base, New York City, into the project along with subtle odes to the Victorian influence of the neighborhood.

Photography by Nicholas Worley

The decorative quality of the hotel is a color story in itself. The palette designated for the rooms was influenced by Manchester’s skies—a strikingly subtle ombre of blush with warm undertones. Hints of sage and blue-grays were filtered in, offering a delicate contrast against the walls, further accentuated by matte black accent pieces and mango wood furnishings. Emulating the sleek qualities of Scandinavian design, the furniture of the rooms incorporates a slew of of-the-moment materials such as rattan and ribbed glass, found by way of accent chairs and the framework of the closets, respectively.  

The hotel’s lounge and neighboring bar area combine a streamlined and minimalist aesthetic with an artful ode to an urban vibe. Exposed brick walls stand in to form a daring backdrop coupled with an array of hanging greens, filtered in for a lively and visually dynamic moment of relief. A conservatory-esque ceiling further elevates the eclectic yet complementary design scheme, allowing an abundance of natural light to flood the open-layout area.

Photography by Nicholas Worley

Eccentric pops of yellow play to the energy of the space, led by complementary splashes of moody pinks and deep sage greens existing in effortless harmony. Not to go unnoticed, a similarly toned jungle-themed wallpaper invites a bold dose of pattern and a touch of drama to boot—sleek brass fixtures provide the ultimate hint of luster to complete the scene.

Its inspired design aside, Whitworth Locke’s additional draws are tributed to its commitment to local artists and businesses, which have led to unique collaborations that have resulted in a beautifully designed coworking space, a yoga studio, and even a coffee house.

Armed with the intent of accentuating the powerful combination of color and texture, the hotel’s final look was a result of its distinct historic past with thoughtful odes to the streamlined minimalism relevant to today.

Photography by Nicholas Worley

Ahead are five easy ways you can re-create Whitworth’s stunning aesthetic at home.

Courtesy of Foersom + Hiort-Lorenzen

Nest Sofa, Foersom + Hiort-Lorenzen, $1,255.00

A modest pairing of rattan and delicate textiles result in a multidimensional take on a living room staple that will inspire comfort and elegance.

Courtesy of Tala

Brass Pendant, Tala, $70

Pair this sleek brass pendant with a bulb of your choice and relish in the beauty of its streamlined simplicity.

Courtesy of Muuto

Airy Coffee Table, Muuto, price varies

Emulate the effortlessly cool aesthetic of Scandinavian design with this dynamic duo.

Courtesy of HAY

Iris Vase, HAY, $69

This delicately detailed piece serves as a thoughtful ode to the hotel’s inspired use of sage green.

Courtesy of Pierre Frey

La Perouse, Pierre Frey, price varies

Pierre Frey’s rendition of a tropical wallpaper promises a less intimidating finish, which can be easily integrated into just about any setting.