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by Cora L. Diekman

Durable, easy to clean, and flashing serious glam, cement tiles are the obvious choice for entryway floors.

Instead of a boring concrete slab, consider cement tiles for your own outdoor oasis.


This Moroccan-inspired pattern by Granada Tile is an ideal choice for kitchens and bathrooms wanting a touch of old world Mediterranean flair.

When it comes to tiles as unique and beautifully patterned as cement, it pays to think outside the box. In this master bedroom, honeycomb patterned floor tiles continue up the fireplace providing added character (that’s also locally sourced). The owners of this Marrakech home consider its style to be Moroccan with new French flair.

Just when you thought nothing could improve the clean lines of a modern kitchen, a traditional and intricately patterned cement tile floor infuses this modern kitchen with tons of warmth and charm. So lovely and inviting!

Cement tiles don’t have to feel old world or traditional. This space is all modern in black and white patterned tile with an edgy graphic design.


When traditional

subway tile

lacks the wow-factor you seek, consider a cement tile backsplash instead. Can’t find the exact pattern that’s right for you? No problem – some companies (such as Cement Tile Shop) welcome custom orders, allowing you to design your own pattern and colors.

If you love the idea of cement tile but bold patterns aren’t your fave, never fear, there are plenty of soft and subtle options to choose from as well.

This French bathroom remodel is over-the-top chic, complete with a bold cement tile floor to die for.


This lovely kitchen is actually a commercial space, home to Biscuit Filmworks in LA. Thanks to a rustic-modern vibe that’s homey and welcoming, you’d never guess that this ISN’T a cozy residential eat-in kitchen.

If you didn’t know better, this floor would fool you into seeing ceramic, proving that cement tile floors are every bit as posh and luxe as other more traditional alternatives.

Skip the area rug and replicate the same look with cleverly placed cement tile (cozy feels included).

What’s NOT to love about this bathroom? The patterns, the colors, the fixtures, the wall art, and (YES!) that tile!