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Lighting is a must-have in every home. Instead of taking up floor space with a lamp, a chandelier can be a stunning alternative to achieve maximum lighting in any room. Chandeliers come in all design styles from modern to romantic. Once your ideal chandelier is found you shouldn’t automatically think to place it over your kitchen table, but consider some unique spaces throughout your home such as the bedroom, office, or dare we say the bathroom. Not sure if this is a good idea? Check out these eight unexpected locations to hang chandeliers.

  1. The Guest Bed 

    Guest bedrooms are too often minimal, but they’re really a great place to showcase your decor style for guests to enjoy. This beautiful beaded addition would be perfect in a beach house, but anyone with a home by water (or dreams of one) will love it, too.

  1. Round Dining Table 

    Long, 12-person dining tables get all the chandelier fun. Think of your smaller, round kitchen or breakfast nook table as a perfect placement for a chandelier, too! Something about a striking piece like this one makes even casual family meals feel special. 

  1. Over A Bed

    Say goodbye to that lamp on your nightstand by replacing it with a chandelier directly over your bed. A woven basket chandelier can provide a much needed light for late night reading and serve as the perfect contrast in a classically designed room.

  1. In A Nursery

    A nursery is a great space for novelty and whimsical design. This feather chandelier supplies just the right amount of fantasy in this beyond adorable room.

  1. Office

    Your home office is a place where you work as well as create, and should reflect your personal style. In this office the pierced Moroccan chandelier and shiny black walls give a boho/rock ambience that is perfect for anyone living an artsy lifestyle.

  1. Kitchen Island

    Still wanting a chandelier present in your kitchen? Try placing a modern chandelier over your kitchen island as seen in this minimalist Brooklyn home.

  1. Living Room

    Your love for vintage and creating an eclectic living space does not have to stop with your furniture choices. You can carry this retro style to your lighting by purchasing an ikat patterned drum chandelier.

  1. Bathtub

    Everyone’s bathroom should be an escape haven from a stressed filled day. To create a magical route to relaxation try adding a unique candle chandelier to your decor.

  1. Reading Nook

    If you have a corner in your home to design as a reading space that not only holds your books, but a comfy chair too, a chandelier might be a great piece to add without taking up too much floor space.

  1. Dressing Room

    Lucky enough to a have a dressing room in your home? A chandelier can illuminate your closet space and provide the perfect selfie lighting–once you find the perfect outfit.