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If you’re not familiar with the online mecca that is Jet.com, it’s easy to think that the store is solely a destination for soft goods like Tide pods and paper towels. While you can totally re-up on detergent and paper goods at Jet.com, the site is much more than a pharmacy or a bodega. In fact, it turns out that Jet.com has become a bonafide staple when it comes to shopping online for home decor. While a lot of big box retailers have taken a stab at carrying home decor, only some have succeeded (we see you, Target). On the list of those who do it right, Jet.com is one of the few stores that make the list and manage to hit the mark all the time. If you’re still unsure, no worries. To prove it to you, we’ve rounded up the amazing items from Jet.com that will surely take your space to a new level. See for yourself.

Dimond Home Black Plaid Basket Ladder, Jet ($272)

Even the most organized of us have knickknacks and other loose items that pop up from time to time. This chic ladder is both a decor element that you’ll want in your house as well as a viable storage space for those items without a home.

pillow 2
Safavieh Jumbo Chevron Loop Pillow, Jet ($53)

If you’re in the market for throw pillows, but you’re not looking to add any color to your bed or couch, try options that employ texture instead. This jumbo chevron pillow is a great example. The neutral tone is calming, and the texture will add depth to your room.

Adesso Bedford Shelf Floor Lamp, Jet ($300)

This floor lamp is nothing short of a statement piece. We’re loving the mid-century design, and the built-in shelf means you can show off some of your favorite books, too.

Décor Wonderland Khloe Modern Bathroom Mirror, Jet ($99)

It’s no news that a mirror is one of the best ways to make your space feel larger than it is. Instead of adding a piece of art to one of your walls, try a mirror that employs a cool yet subtle shape, like this one. Your place will feel bigger in no time.

Dimond Home Nested Baskets – Set of 3, Jet ($186)

These baskets are a must in any home. The metallic bases make them utterly cool, they’re a stylish design element, and they act as storage all at once. Plus, they come in slightly different sizes which means, not only do they look amazing nested together, but each individual basket can have a special purpose, too.

DecMode Raised Metal Planters – Set of 2, Jet ($77)

We love having plants in our homes. They add a great design element and bring a lot of joy watching them grow. This super sleek planter is a great addition to your home because it will amp up your already on-point plant game.  

Safavieh Ruxton Cocktail Ottoman, Jet ($134)

This woven rattan cocktail ottoman is an awesome decor element that brings the outdoors in. Use it as a coffee table, side table, or footrest depending on your need. This piece will bode well both in city dwellings and countryside abodes.

White Moroccan Lantern, Jet ($21)

Ambiance is everything and nothing quite sets the mood like a candle. Take your candle game up a notch with a super cool lantern, like this white Moroccan option.

Safavieh Forster Garden Stool, Jet ($108)

A stool that can double as a side table and a decor element when not in use is a worthwhile piece. Try placing one of your plants on top of this stool when you don’t need extra seating.

Dimond Home Corn Husk Vase, Jet ($74)

A vase is a great way to literally bring life into your home. This cool vase is aptly named as it looks like a corn husk. The dark yellow color of the vase is will flatter any room, as well as any flowers you choose to put inside.

Hand Made Quarto Luxe sheepskin Natural Area Rug, Jet ($150)

A sheepskin area rug is an Instagrammer’s dream. For one, it always photographs well. Furthermore, it’s doesn’t weight much. Unlike other rugs, this piece is a great choice if you want to use it in different areas of your home, depending on the day.

Christian Wall Mirror, Jet ($659)

Try this wall mirror in your entryway. The cool geometric shape makes this piece feel fun and special, and you can take one last look at yourself before you venture out into the world each morning.

Dylan Solid Wood Entryway Bench in Driftwood, Jet ($220)

An entryway bench is a helpful piece. For one, you can forego the annoying routine of hopping on one foot to get your shoes off or on. Instead, you can take a seat on this bench and calmly deal with your shoes. Furthermore, this piece will add a nice touch to your entryway, making your place feel more welcoming.

Adesso Jeffrey Table Lamp, Jet ($100)

Oh, the power of a table lamp. It’s one of the most spectacular design elements because it brings light into your home and is always a standout piece that can really make or break a room. We like this lamp because it features a cool and compact design, has storage, and gives you the ability to charge your devices.

Lazy Susan April 2013
Dimond Home Wood White Washed Ladder, Jet ($62)

It’s no news that we’re into ladders. They’re super versatile pieces that are also stylish space savers. Use this one as a towel rack in your bathroom, or utilize a ladder in any of the other ways we’ve spelled out for you here.

D and W Silks Round Split Leaf Philo in Glass Vase, Jet ($64)

This vase is a slightly out-of-the-box option that is perfect for plants rather than flowers. The rope wrapped around the vase is a very cool edge that pairs perfectly with leafy goodness. What’s more is, this vase comes with the fake palm leaves pictured. Use ‘em if you’re into them, or go buy something fresh if you prefer.

Nuevo Byron Pendant Lighting, Jet ($473)

The mid-century modern piece feels clean, sleek, and also contemporary. The metal rods are thoughtful and not too overwhelming, making this piece something that would bode just as well in a small apartment as it would in a larger home.

Jennings Leaning Mirror – Dark Tobacco, Jet ($168)

A full-length mirror is a must. Whether it’s in your closet, your entryway, or any other room, a standing mirror is just as much a design element as it is a functional piece. The minimalist frame makes this a piece that works with anyone’s style.

Decmode Seagrass Basket, Jet ($53)

Instead of putting your throw pillows on the floor when they’re not in use, utilize a basket that will aptly hold them and look cute either full or empty. This seagrass basket has great texture and will look wonderful with any pillows you stow inside.

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