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Teapots and kettles arguably tend to fall into the utilitarian category when it comes to the realm of kitchen appliances. Aside from the fact that it’s an item one would be hard-pressed to use year-round, most of us tend to not give it much thought. And to be quite frank, with the idea that the sole purpose of a kettle is to boil water, why give aesthetics much thought? We’re here to defunct said misconception with 10 visually-inclined options, which not only include multiple elements of functionality but, are durable enough to stand the test of time. Ahead, the style-focused teapots and kettles your kitchen is definitely missing.

Teapot, Falcon Enamelware, $30

They say less is more, and this enamel teapot is certainly proof. Lined with a delicate blue detail, it’s comprised of a burn-resistant material, which means you’re safe to use it on the stovetop as well. Bonus points for the fact that it can double as a serving teapot as well.

MUJI Electric Kettle Jug, Amazon, $131

This option was a product of one of our favorite collaborations: Muji and Naoto Fukasawa. The two powerhouses partnered up to develop one seriously chic take on a traditional electrical kettle. It’s about as streamlined as they come, ditching the superfluous for pure aesthetic ingenuity that certainly doesn’t compromise on function.

Bump Tea Pot, Tom Dixon, $145

Tom Dixon’s incomparable interpretation of household classics never fail to inspire, and this streamlined teapot is no exception. Comprised of blown glass, the two-tone piece boasts a unique finish, channeling a so-called “laboratory apparatus” with its spherical make and double-walled structure.

Ottagonale Tea Service Teapot, MoMA, $230

An undeniable splurge, this sleek piece was earmarked for the serious tea-enthusiasts. Designed by Carlo Alessi, the teapot’s unique octagonal shape is only one of the reasons why we’re obsessed with it. Its mirror-polished, stainless steel exterior is definitely another.

Kobenstyle Tea Kettle, MoMA, $50

A modern take on a retro classic, this steel-enamel kettle serves up major style—and we’re not just talking about its vibrant red shell. Accented with teak wood details, it’s beautifully streamlined and sturdy enough for normal wear and tear.

Raven Stovetop Kettle, Raven, $69.00 – $99.00

Available in three lustrous colorways, Raven’s take on the classic tea kettle epitomizes modern elegance at its finest. Featuring a dual element of functionality—you can utilize it to heat water on the stovetop and steep your tea in it as well—it also comes with a steep-range thermometer, weighted handle, and integrated tea filter, which will help cut down on both time and cleanup.

Enamel Tea Kettle, Brookfarm General Store, $168

Calling all minimalists! This stunning kettle inspires with its understated composition, which manages to stun with its unique shape, sleek enamel exterior, and delicate maple wood details that are so in line with this year’s trends.

George Sowden’s Tea Pot, HAY

This isn’t your ordinary teapot. Designed by George Sowden, this clever pot features a porcelain exterior and comes paired with a unique brewing device, which infuses tea through a micro-filter set inside.

Country Estate Delft Blue Teapot Main House, Juliska, $175

Decked with an idyllic illustration of the English countryside, this iconic piece was made for the avid entertainer. Simple in design yet simultaneously elegant in feel, this show-stopping piece definitely belongs in your repertoire. Oh, and it also makes for a great hostess gift.

Columbia Teapot, Bodum, $80

Paired with a removable stainless steel infuser, this polished teapot is all about melding form with function. The double-walled pot is beautifully contoured and durable, allowing the ability to brew tea two ways.

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