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Photography by CODY GUILFOYLE
Every home comes furnished with a handful of essentials often with utilitarianism in mind. From dust pans and paper towel holders to clothing racks and planters, there are a slew of items that (more often than not) are stuck with the short end of the stick design-wise. So we set out to compile a list of a few of our favorite household essentials, which challenge the conventional model with minimalism and effortless elegance in mind. Read on for the stylish alternatives that will soon replace your ordinary household basics. 
Photography by MOMA
Ditch your clunky filing cabinet in lieu of something a bit more streamlined and desktop friendly. This vibrantly graphic file holder is perfect for adding some much-needed color to the home office. 
Photography by OLLI ELLA
Hubba Basket, Olli Ella, $75  
We love a good woven basket, but one that comes with such a vibrant color detail? We simply cannot resist. Replace your standard hamper with this playful option, which just might make doing the laundry a little less painful. 
Photography by POPPIN
Neon Pink Acrylic Ruler, Poppin, $7.99  
It’s hard to think of the last time we actually had a need for a ruler, but with this colorful, lucite version, we would be quick to find any excuse to use one. 
Hand Dust Pan + Brush Set, Schoolhouse Electric, $38.00

We wouldn’t mind sweeping duty as long as it meant working with this handcrafted, stainless steel hand dust pan and brush set.

Copper Hangers, Schoolhouse Electric, $14

Copper hangers? Yes, Please! For those who pride themselves on having a well-curated closet, you know all too well, that a properly organized one entails uniform hangers, preferably streamlined in make. These lightweight alternatives are just the thing!

Photography by CONWAY ELECTRIC
Extension Cord, Conway Electric, $65

We’re all for giving our spaces a colorful refresh in any shape or form. Disguising ugly wires and cords? Probably at the top of our list. Enter this ultra chic extension cord set featuring a dual tone cotton wrap and an oversized rubber mold wall plug for an accentuated detail that will elevate your space.

Photography by CB2
Neutral Salt and Pepper Grinder Set, CB2, $64.95

Seeing that they are present at nearly every tablescape, a style-focused set of salt and pepper shakers should probably go without saying. This appropriately-colored grinder set is minimal, chic, and scaled to perfection.

Photography by KINDER MODERN
Ice Cream Mirror, Kinder Modern, $195

Mirrors are relatively easy to nail down and hardly ever really call for any revamps of sorts. This color block version changes all that. Produced in Copenhagen, this slim piece will fit right in within a variety of spaces and offers an incomparable style element no space should be without.

Photography by KIKKERLAND
Bottle Opener Vintage Copper, Kikkerland, $9.00

If there was one thing that our bar cart was missing, this vintage copper bottle opener would have to be it. Elegant, simple, and functionally sound, this refreshingly understated piece is an absolute must-have.

Hammer Multi Tool, Kikkerland, $10.00

Hammers and screwdrivers aren’t commonly known to be the most attractive tools in the tool box. Then again, are any? This hammer  (which also happens to be a 6-in-1 screwdriver set), challenges all preconceived notions of what a tool set should look like with its streamlined figure and mixed metal finish. 

Photography by ERIC TRINE

Here at domino, we have a real love for plants. And for every plant or potted floral, an equally captivating vessel is just as important, when it comes to the display. This octahedron ring planter comes in a reserved array of finishes, and somehow (quite subtly) manages to steal the spotlight from whatever its contents may be.

Photography by WILLIAMS-SONOMA
White Marble Lazy Susan, Williams-Sonoma, $59.95

Consider this the lazy Susan, reinvented. Its marble composition will lend an effortlessly elegant touch to just about any surface, giving this classic staple a well-deserved and modern upgrade.

Photography by UMBRA

Uscoop Ice Cream Scoop, Umbra

The perfect scoop, more often than not, relies on a utensil built to properly take on the job. Constructed of heat-conducting aluminum, this scooper is made to work with ice cream that come at various levels of hardness (read no more spoons stuck in the ice).

Photography by DESIGN IDEAS
Lincoln Utensil Cup, Design Ideas, $24.99

For everything from cooking utensils to desktop accessories, a utensil cup is pretty much an essential for keeping clutter at bay. Contrary to its commonly solid counterpart, this gridded version ensures that all that you store remain easily accessible and thoroughly visible.

Marble Bottle Opener, Schoolhouse Electric, $52

Every bar cart needs that one accent piece to tie the assorted contents of the board together. This ultra chic marble bottle opener takes practicality to a whole new level.

Photography by FERM LIVING
Brass Hook Set of 2, Ferm Living, $49  

Most wall hooks often leave more to be desired, but these minimalist adaptations are certainly not the case. Constructed of solid brass, these hooks are entirely versatile enough to function in nearly every area of a home.

Photography by HAY

It’s safe to say that paper towel holders are probably better known for their functionality over their level of attractiveness. Until now. These colorful pieces come constructed of wood and feature a unique handle (positioned at the top) for easy movability.

Photography by YAMAZAKI USA
Tower Hanger Rack, Yamazaki Home, $85

Whether it be for coats and outdoor accessories, or merely an extension of your overflowing closet, a free-standing clothing rack should always err more towards a style-focused finish that doesn’t compromise on its functionality.

Originally published October 2016. Updated January 2018.

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