Published on November 27, 2017

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Photography by THE SILL
To say that we have an obsession with plants would be quite the understatement. Cultivating indoor greens has been a decorative trend steadily on the rise. From the fiddle leaf fig tree to the smaller succulents earmarked for the beginners sans a green thumb, we have yet to experience any sort of shortage of ideas or inspiration that would pertain to plants and greens. And while we undoubtedly have a growing passion for collecting indoor plants, it’s safe to say that the majority of us have that one friend who has taken the obsession to a whole new level—case in point: Hilton Carter, who has over 140 varieties of plants in his home. In anticipation of this holiday season, we scoured the web to source the perfect gift ideas for the honorary plant mom in your life. Starting things off with this cheeky stocking stuffer, read on to discover the best gifts for the plant-enthusiast.
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Photography by CALHOUN & CO.

PLANTS! Throw, Calhoun & Co., $108.00

This one was made for the die-hard plant mom. Honestly though, can you imagine anything more perfect? From the subtle tropical vibes to the unmistakable ode to the ultimate leafy symbols, this is one decorative accessory you won’t want to miss out on. 
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Photography by THE SILL

Ripple Peperomia And August, The Sill, $48.00

For the budding plant mom (see what we did there?) a starter set should come in the form of an easy-to-care-for green and an equally chic planter. 
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Photography by AYTM

Brass Watering Can, AYTM, $115.00

A style-focused watering can means she’ll actually be looking forward to tending to her favorite plants. From the Denmark-based design studio, AYTM, this sleek piece is pure sophistication. 
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Photography by SFGIRLBYBAY

Rattan Wall Plant Holders, Super Marche Shop, $129.00

Sourced from a flea market in Lyon, France, these handmade bamboo plant holders offer a refreshing approach to the typical take on displaying greens. Available in the form of a leaf, musical note, or diamond design, each one of these holders are more unique than the last. 

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Photography by MOMA

Perennial Garden Kit, MoMA, $90

Consider this the kit no avid gardener should be without. Packaged within a handmade pinewood crate, the set features two pairs of scissors, a pruner, wood stakes, plus a twine and holder.
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Kimberley Dhollander Tropical Plants Art Print, Urban Outfitters, $19.00 – $399.00

Talk about a show-stopper. From photographer Kimberley Dhollander, a statement-worthy print that is the perfect focal point for just about any room. 
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Photography by ANTHROPOLOGIE

Brass Plant Markers, Anthropologie, $50.00

Toss out those old wooden markers in lieu of this sleek brass variety. Earmarked for the classic scope of herbs—basil, parsley, mint, and rosemary—your budding greens won’t be the only stars of the garden. 
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Photography by HAWKINS NEW YORK

Naked Louise Cachepots, Hawkins New York, $120.00

Your most prized plants deserve the absolute best, especially when it comes to the vessels in which they live in. Available in either brass or copper finishes, these sleek pots are a no-brainer.
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Photography by JUNGALOW

Huntington Pillow, Jungalow, $89.00

For the plant mom with a bohemian predisposition, a vibrantly colorful pillow that will instantly uplift her current space. 
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Photography by MERCANTILE + CO.

Citrus Trees, Mercantile + Co.,$33.00

Who wouldn’t want fresh citrus at the ready? This starter plant is available in an array of varieties including; Meyer lemon, Key lime, grapefruit, and so much more!
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Photography by CLOSED MONDAYS
Hanging Planter, Closed Mondays, $60.00
We’re swooning over these absolutely adorable hanging planters! Featuring a vibrant multi-toned palette, each hand-made piece is crafted from a tightly wound cotton rope, which results in an effortlessly cool and minimalist finish. 
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Photography by JUNGALOW

Ceramic Fern Plates, Jungalow, $75.00

For those whose aesthetics skews towards “more is more,” a not-so-subtle ode to what may quite possibly be their go-to green.
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Photography by MERCANTILE + CO.

The Drunken Botanist, Mercantile + Co., $19.95

“Every great drink starts with a plant” or so they say. This recipe-packed title explores the wide variety of drinks and spirits derived from nature’s best. Consider it the perfect gift for the botanically-inclined hostess.
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Photography by THE FERM LIVING

Bubble Glass Object, Ferm Living, €49.00

Composed of solid glass, this beautifully transparent vase is elevated by the inclusion of precise air bubbles within the piece. Buy one or collect ’em all!

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