The One Item No Bathtub Should Be Without

Bubbles (obviously) aside.
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Yeh Wall Tray As Bath Caddy
Photography by EMILY JOHNSTON

When it comes to revamping a space, the bathroom typically gets the short end of the stick. Partly because we often tend to see it as a less-frequented space and partly because there are only a handful of ways to switch things up—you know, without having to commit to a complete overhaul. And while the scope of small changes you can make usually entail something along the lines of either a new shower curtain, towels, or a bath mat, we’re all for implementing a different approach. One that encourages some well-deserved R&R. Yes, we’re talking about a bath time essential no tub should be without: a caddy tray.

You’ve seen it on Pinterest and within the pages of your favorite glossy, and now’s the time to bring one into your own space. Finding an option that will best complement your style and needs is of the essence. Ahead, a few of our favorite bathtub and caddy pairings that are sure to inspire you to take the plunge (we had to).

A caddy tray is essentially a requirement for clawfoot tubs. Side stools are always an option but things can definitely get messy—hello, water all over the floor—especially during bath time. Take a page out of Charleston-based designer Amanda Greeley’s book, opting for a sleek slab of wood set against the foot of the tub. Styled with a candle, sea sponge, and bright greens, this spot has all the fixings for the ultimate spa session.

Pink and White Bathroom

Elsie Larson’s Nashville home is serving up all sorts major design inspiration. The design blogger’s bath exudes pure elegance with its stylish combination of delicate colors and textures, further elevated by the metallic fixtures and woven textiles. Appropriately enough, the lucite caddy boasts a similarly streamlined finish, emulating the decorative fixtures of the room. Oh, and did we mention that it’s a (budget-friendly) DIY?

West Village Townhouse Alison Cayne White Bathroom

Ali Cayne’s West Village home boasts no shortage of inspired scenes but the bathroom is definitely an all-time favorite. From the sleek, whitewashed backdrop to the statement-worthy tub and

subway tile

surround, we would be hard-pressed to dream of a more beautifully designed spot to call our own. While a wall-mounted, glass tray houses a slew of soaps and shampoos, the caddy tray upholds a different purpose, one more decoratively-inclined and utilized to bear a beautifully potted green.

Blue and Taupe Bathroom

Leave it to this Topanga Canyon bathroom to prove that a lack of decorative accessories can never hinder on the aesthetic of a space—especially if said space comes outfitted with a slew of inspired details. The rustic clawfoot tub, which is set against a soothing backdrop that features hand-stamped Moroccan tiles, comes paired with an equally bucolic caddy tray. Complementing the brass and copper fixtures of the space, the deep tray provides a useful storage solution for the essentials.

Photography by LAURE JOLIET

Consider this the ultimate boho-chic bath. From

heather tierney

founder of The Butcher’s Daughter, this Venice Beach-based bungalow effortlessly captures the laidback aesthetic of its locale. From the intricately-designed chandelier to the sleek, two-tone tub, no detail is overlooked. The rustic-esque tub comes finished with a modest yet beautifully stained tray, that fits right in with the surrounding elements, providing a much-needed contrast against the metallic detail of the tub.

Photography by Phuong Nguyen

Ready to replicate the look in your own space? Take a peek at a few of our favorite finds from around the web.

Bamboo Adjustable Bathtub Caddy, Brookstone, $29.95 | Bamboo Free Standing Bath Caddy, Wayfair,  $29.99 | Bathtub Caddy Tray, Amazon, $39.99 | Teak Bathtub Caddy, Bed Bath & Beyond, $39.99 | Lacquer Wood Tray, West Elm, $44

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