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Between staying on top of cool new stores and poring through product pages to curate a shopping guide specially made for your tiny kitchen, our editors see a lot of stuff on a daily basis. And not all of it is gold, but we all have those pieces we’ve bookmarked, added to our carts, or frantically screenshotted and texted to our friends with an accompanying “can I justify buying this? Please advise” message.

Some are super attainable while some err more on the side of investments, but in the spirit of inspiring your own weekend shopping spree, we figured we’d share. Here are all the home decor pieces team Domino is lusting after right now.  


The Sun Shower, Quiet Town, $32

I’m such a big fan of Quiet Town. They’re based in Brooklyn and all of their products are ethically made. I have one of their bath rug designs in two colors and am obsessed. Next on my list is this shower curtain liner that is just SO good. It’s so pink and perfect (and I discovered the product from this cool bathroom we featured!).

– Alyssa Clough, Social Media Editor


Stone Diffuser, Vitruvi, $119

As much as I love to compulsively burn palo santo wood, I also love a quality diffused essential oil. This

Vitruvi diffuser

is probably the chicest one ever made. Its sophisticated design can seamlessly fit into almost any room.

– Lahaina Alcantara, Digital Photo Editor


Studio Floor Lamp in Factory White, Schoolhouse Electric, $359

My apartment, like all rentals, suffers from bad lighting: cheap wall sconces and builder-grade overhead lights. My current solution is to just not turn the lights on, but there’s only so much you can accomplish by candlelight. The longterm solution is a stylish floor lamp, and I’ve had my eye on this one for months. It’s petite enough to fit in the corner between my sofa and chair, but the slim silhouette still adds interest.

– Jessica Dailey, Digital Editorial Director


Universe Bowl Midnight (set of 3), IIIVVVYYY, $100

Ivy Weinglass is an incredibly talented ceramicist with a super cool eye for otherworldly designs and fluid forms. While I’m a big fan of her planters, her Universe Collection is currently giving me life—and major celestial vibes.

– Lydia Geisel, Contributing Writer


Imagined World Accent Chair, Anthropologie, $698

Obsessed with this desert-vibes chair because it gives me all the fun feelings. I don’t think I would let anyone sit in it though—I would just sit in my living room from afar and stare at how beautiful it is.

– Hayley Squire, Email Marketing Manager


Six Candle, Trudon, $105

If I’m going to have a candle around, I want it to be super unique. And the newly launched Six candle from Trudon is exactly that. It’s an allegorical take on the 6th sense, aka the heart, and it has these super fun, colorful, hand-illustrated stickers that come with the candle, each portraying a different sense. Engage in childlike wonderment and place the stickers wherever you’d like on the candle. And the candle is a powerful gardenia, jasmine, lily blend that literally envelopes a room with its scent in mere minutes.

– Kristin Limoges, Wellness Editor


Échasse Floor Vase, Menu, $199.95+

I’ve been infatuated with this Menu piece since first glance. I’m going to have to start a separate floor vase savings account until I can acquire the largest size in the smoky green color. I can so clearly picture my future dream apartment with the Échasse paired luxuriously alongside my dream sofa with some kind of spiky foliage floating effortlessly inside its elegant form.

– Cyrus Ferguson, Membership and Market Manager


Tall Rustic Stool, SFGirlbyBay, $149

Things I definitely don’t need: a $150 stool that would take up valuable square footage in my

tiny apartment

and looks like it has enough space/support for maybe one small potted succulent. Things I desperately want: the aforementioned $150 stool. This little piece is from just outside Lyon, where I used to live and go hunting at local flea markets all the time—some of my favorite trinkets and decor are from that part of France. It reminds me of the imperfect rustic style French country homes are known for, and while there are more functional stools on the market, I love this one so much.

– Elly Leavitt, Associate Digital Editor

Studio Roso Mirror, Monologue, $950.57

Splurge and look like the fairest of them all in this rainbow-infused mirror that will put the magic one in Snow White to shame.   – Phuong Nguyen, Senior Graphic Designer

This story was originally published on July 16, 2017. It has been updated with new information. 

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