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Lighting is such an important part of home decor. It can make (or break) the vibe whether it’s a chill night at home or you’re hosting a dinner party. We turned to our editors to see which lamps, pendants, and candles are perfect for setting the mood.

Elaina Sullivan, Style Editor

Panthella Table lamp by Vernor Panton, Louis Paulson

“Buying vintage is my preference for most home decor items, especially when it comes to lighting. I walk flea markets when I’m traveling and always ask for the manufacturer of pieces I like, so I can research similar styles. It’s also helpful to understand the shapes and qualities of the classic pieces to be better informed for buying reproductions. I’m very Postmodern in my style and my favorite source at the moment is Bi-Rite Studio. Everything they have is perfect! If you find yourself in Paris, that flea also has a killer selection of the classics. On my last trip, I bought a small 1920s French black opaline orb lamp that makes me so happy.

I also have a few go-to designers that I’m always hunting for and looking to for inspiration, including Louis Poulsen, one of the most classic Danish lighting brands and home to many design legends. The Panthella Table lamp by Vernor Panton is one of my all-time favorites—designed in 1971 and oh-so-fresh. On a recent trip to Stockholm, I found one of these beauties at a thrift shop for super cheap. I love that it’s painted blush on the inside; it makes everything rosy!”

Elaina Sullivan, Style Editor

Fado table lamp, Ikea, $19.99

“Bill Curry is another go-to. He’s an American mid-century designer who made killer globe lights in the 60s. Ikea makes an affordable version of his classic.”

Elaina Sullivan, Style Editor

Esker Single Fold Sconce, Kelly Wearstler, $420

“Kelly Wearstler designs some of my favorite contemporary pieces available through Circa. This sconce is my favorite in her collection.”

Alyssa Clough, Social Media Editor

Plug in Pendant Light Cord Set, Color Cord, $35

“When I moved into my new apartment, I was obsessed with finding the perfect statement-making sconce for my bedside. I ended up going with a versatile, caged pendant by Color Cord. You can choose your own color of cord, cage, and light bulb, making it easy and fun to customize.”


Rachel Besser, Market Editor

Stone Lamp, Menu, $249.99

“When it comes to bedroom lighting, I’ve never loved the look of classic lamps on my side tables. This option is a supercool take on the classic table lamp, and delivers the soft glow I’m looking for in my bedroom.”


Lahaina Alcantara, Digital Photo Editor

Amber Fig Signature Candle, Cold Spring Apothecary, $22

“Moody candle lighting is a must have. You get the double ambiance: the glow and the scent. This Amber Fig candle from Cold Spring Apothecary is one I keep buying over and over again. It has a nice musky scent that cultivates an extra cozy vibe.”


Jessica Dailey, Digital Editorial Director

Petite Arc Metal Floor Lamp, West Elm, $249

“I have been searching for the perfect floor lamp, but they’re all too big or too small. I finally fold my Goldilocks in this brushed brass piece from West Elm. The arc is enough to direct the light, but not so swooping that it gets in the way.”

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