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Courtesy of Living Spaces

In a world of minimalists, maximalists, and everyone in between, there is one designer who stands above the rest in terms of popularity. According to a study done by Design Bundles, Google searches for Nate Berkus in 2021 are more than double those of any other design pro in the United States. 

Photography by Slaven Vlasic/Getty Images

With his signature traditional-with-a-twist style and penchant for sharing his wisdom on Instagram, it’s not difficult to see why nearly 50,000 people look Berkus up per month. You can certainly count us as fans—he is a longtime Domino confidant, always ready with another timeless decor trick. Here are three we’ve never forgotten.

Reverse-Reno the Fireplace

Anytime Berkus walks into a house with a modern hearth, he immediately wants to rip out the entire structure and replace it with something older. An antique style (even if it’s faux!) immediately adds character, not to mention it creates the perfect focal point to design a room around. 

The Key to Nailing Monochrome Is Texture

The trick to an eye-catching room when you don’t want to add color is to mix and match contrasting materials. Berkus, a master of the minimalist palette, layers a range of neutral tones in a variety of textures—think: a lacquered side table with a retro velvet sofa—to create warmth and depth. 

Longer Curtains Equal More Romance

By letting the fabric pool at the floor, Berkus creates a softer, more intimate atmosphere—perfect for a primary bedroom. Install yours above a window frame to draw the eye upward, or layer a sheer with a thicker outer curtain for a more luxurious feel, even when it’s not date night.