Nate Berkus has an answer for everything, including how to style a major living room focal point: the fireplace. Based on a recent Instagram post, it’s clear the veteran designer has an affinity for charming, old world–style hearths, and who can blame him? An antique mantel and chevron brick instantly elevate a room to cozy status. “I can’t even look at a new fireplace without wanting to redo it,” he writes. But worry not; if you have a modern-looking fireplace, there’s an easy fix to get on Berkus’s level. Just renovate it to make it look old. 


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According to Jenny Cipoletti, creator of Margo & Me, it’s not too hard to DIY a 17th-century–inspired piece. Simply purchase a freestanding cast-stone mantel and attach it to your wall using L-brackets, then style it by placing a vintage candelabra or vases on top. If you want to go one step further, take a page out of Mallory Fletchall from Reserve Home’s book and tile the firebox for an old-school look that packs a big punch. 

Berkus’s last piece of advice when it comes to a classic fireplace? Hang a piece of modern art on the wall above it. Not only is that a great way to embed personality into the space, but the contrast between old and new will keep things just the right amount of interesting.