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When it comes to low-lift, maximum-impact decor updates, temporary wallpaper is hard to beat. Urban Outfitters is hopping aboard the bandwagon. Its latest slew of product offerings includes a range of statement-making papers… and one, in particular, has caught our eye.

Urban’s Mid-Century Geometric Removable Wallpaper ($59) is the ultimate retro accent piece. Coupled together, its mid-century sensibility and colorful palette make for a bold pattern moment. If your personal style leans maximalist and your rental’s whitewashed walls are slowly sucking the life out of your apartment, this print is an easy way to inject some personality into the space without committing to anything too pricey (or labor-intensive).

Designed for ease of use, even the most rookie decorators can DIY this project. The stick-on application process eliminates the need for tools or a TaskRabbit. And if you’re worried about messy kids or rogue pets ruining your new accent wall, don’t: The wallpaper wipes clean easily.

The best part is that there are tons of ways to incorporate the fun pattern in your apartment or house beyond just an accent wall. Keep reading for some ways to design with Urban Outfitters’ coolest new piece.

New Doors, New You

If you’d rather keep your walls white, painting the inside of your door is a fun twist to incorporate color. Using removable wallpaper in lieu of paint is a far more landlord-friendly option too. Stick a slab of this geometric print to your front door to liven up your entryway in no time.

Bookshelf Refresh

Far be it from us to speak ill of the iconic Ikea Billy Bookcase, but the minimalist look can feel a tad overdone. Use this removable wallpaper to bring color to your shelves by adhering it to the back panel. If you struggle with artfully arranging your books, this is an easy way to make your bookcase pop without investing a ton of effort.

Geometric Gallery Wall

There are more ways to use wallpaper on your walls beyond the traditional approach. $59 will get you one long panel of wallpaper, which you can then cut into several smaller pieces and hang up as a streamlined gallery wall of abstract prints. Either adhere the paper to different-size canvases or pop it into some frames.  

Printed Planter

Try updating an old box planter that’s seen better days by sticking some of this wallpaper to the sides. If you’ve got an assortment of green friends propped on a windowsill or mantel, wrap the little vases in this retro print too: It’ll create a unified look that will make your collection look all the more impressive.

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