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There are few decorative elements within a home that can seamlessly skirt the line between form and function. Aside from their obvious point of functionality, said pieces can stand in as a decorative accent, one that imparts the home with a unique design detail and can, at times, even pass as the focal point of a room. Take stools, for example: at its core, one can function as a side table, nightstand, plant stand, and—yep, you guessed it—as a seat. Enter the fresh crop of design-forward options that challenge all preconceived notions of what a stool should look or function as. Read on to see the design-centric stools we’re loving right now.

Ceramic Milking Stool, Workaday Handmade, $1,100

For the space in need of a vibrant punch of color, this ceramic stool is a seriously solid contender. Handthrown with a handpainted matte finish, it’s the perfectly-imperfect stripe pattern of this stool that contributes to its boldly decorative vibe.

Circus Pouf Small Rust, Normann Copenhagen, $693

Pouf, stool, it’s all the same. We can see this one in the bedroom, bedside, with a neat stack of your favorite glossies on top.

Glow Stool, Kim Markel, $880

It was the serene blue-aqua hue of this translucent stool that first caught our eye, its handmade finish that results in a beautifully imperfect characteristic, the cherry on top. The fact that it’s crafted from reclaimed plastic is just another reason to love it.

MASS Series Handle Stool, Fil Studios, $1,134.69

Comprised of natural wood with a sleek copper detail, this one embodies effortless cool to its full extent. A surefire splurge, the piece is constructed from the unique sugi wood—a sort that is endemic to Japan—and boasts a remarkable composition that errs on flawless.

Low Stool, Ilse CrawfordforDe La Espada, The Future Perfect, $555

Simplicity is at the core of this one, yet said characteristic is not one reflected in its streamlined, Scandinavian build. Conveniently set low, the beautifully-detailed piece is entirely functional—although, we would be just as happy having it stand in as an accent piece.

Zig Zag Ruby Stool, Clic Gallery, $375

Zigzags are making a splash in the realm of design and this playful pick makes it easy to see why. Aside from its deeply saturated hue, it’s the piece’s sleek, lacquered finish that helps set it apart from the rest. Prop this one aside the coffee table for a decorative accent that stands out.

‘Bolt’ Stool, La Chance, $760.90
Consider this modern elegance at its finest. Bound together by a lustrous copper ring, this artistically-charged stool is comprised of a set of four beechwood cylinders, resulting in an untraditional rendition of the concept. And given its rather hefty price (although, it is on sale), we would venture a guess that this one would probably be best left as an accent piece or side table. 

6063 Stool, Good Thing, $240

Contemporary in design and streamlined in detail, the sleek build of this aluminum-based stool earmarks it as a decoratively versatile essential. The added bonus? It’s lightweight and even suitable for outdoor use.

SKOGSTA Stool, Ikea, $19.99

We love this one for its simplicity—the ultra-low price tag is a major plus—and the fact that it’s virtually open to a little decorative revamp. Take to the stool with a vibrant splash of color or even a fun pattern play. Although, we’re all for leaving this one as is too.

Palissade Stool, HAY

This one is pretty much begging to be placed in that well-curated plant nook of yours. Finished in a steel grey hue, the stool’s beautifully versatile composition designates it as an essential that can live just about anywhere in your home, both indoors and out.

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