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You probably don’t associate a good night’s sleep with a light, but you should. Today, Casper is launching its first-ever non-bedding product: the Casper Glow, a bedtime light dedicated to better sleep. Yes, the brand known for its acclaimed mattresses is stepping away from the bed to focus on your sleep environment.

Glow is designed to sync with your circadian rhythm and promote healthier sleep patterns, with just-right light at bedtime, wake up, and in between. “Glow for us is also about bringing joy back to bedtime and very much evokes the nostalgia of a night light or lantern,” says Jeff Chapin, the co-founder and chief of product at Casper. “Glow is what we call fuzzy technology. It’s very technologically sophisticated but, at the same time, has a uniquely magical experience.” That “fuzzy” tech includes a bedtime warm light that that fades over 45 minutes to put you to sleep and a soft light wake-up that gradually and naturally wakes you up. The ambient light sensor can assess how bright or dark the room is and alter accordingly, but it can also react to being touched: Flip to turn it on, twist to adjust brightness, and wiggle for a lower, gentler light. It’s also portable, so you can take it with you to the kitchen or bathroom to avoid harsh light. It also pairs with the Casper Glow app for customization and setup.

Courtesy of Casper

When it comes to sleep issues, one of the top environmental factors is light. Light influences our sleep-wake cycles and even impacts our mood and ability to relax. While most lights keep us up, Glow is meant to lull you to sleep. “Glow is specifically designed to help us wind down naturally for better, deeper sleep,” says Chapin. “It’s a warm, gradually dimming light that cues your body for bed to help establish healthy sleep patterns.” Blue light, in particular, can be detrimental to sleep, as it enhances your alertness, and when you’re exposed to blue light at night, it can actually suppress your ability to fall asleep. “Glow uses a warm 2700K high-efficiency LED light, which does not emit excess, harmful blue light,” says Chapin.

We’ve started to embrace a plethora of childhood staples, like bedtime stories and blankets, so why not make it a trifecta with a night light? Hopefully, then you can sleep like a baby.