Is Everyone in Your City Waking Up Before You?

A new study shares where all the early birds live.
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Ever feel like when you leave your apartment in the morning, everyone around you has been up and at it for at least a couple hours? You might just be a night owl living in a city of morning larks—and thanks to a new report from Brooklyn Bedding, we have a better idea of which places are home to the biggest percentage of early risers (and where people prefer to roll out of bed on the later side).

According to a survey with 1,000 participants, residents of Phoenix are most likely to start their day with the sunrise, with 47 percent of those polled waking up before 7 a.m. In Atlanta, Los Angeles, and Denver, you’ll also find many morning go-getters. Seattle, New York, Chicago, and Dallas, however, fall on the sleepier side of the spectrum, with greater percentages of people waking up after 8 a.m. And in Indianapolis, people fall squarely in the middle of the spectrum, with 40 percent in each category.

If your sleep schedule is outside the norms of your neighbors, you can gradually change your wake-up time. Daniel Gartenberg, Ph.D., a sleep researcher and coach, recommends shifting your entire daily schedule—so you’ll want to eat your meals earlier, work out earlier, and, of course, go through your nighttime routine earlier. Modifying your habits can be challenging, but if you keep at it, who knows? Maybe you’ll become the type of person who gets up at dawn every single day.

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