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We’ll be honest: When we’re on our fifth breath of a plank, we’re not necessarily thinking about the color and pattern of our yoga mat. But that doesn’t mean that it does not matter at all. Thoughtful, inspiring design can be the encouragement you need to work out in the first place—and lately, plenty of workout gear is getting a much-needed revamp. 

So about that yoga mat. It’s undergone a serious makeover—and you need not look any further than Saint Laurent’s new ultra-luxurious sporting collection to see how. (Although, of course, not every high-design mat has to take a huge chunk out of your paycheck.) These options might just be enough to motivate you to wake up extra-early for your sun salutations—or at the very least, they’ll help you Savasana in style. 

The French Effect

Dahlia Yoga Mat
Dahlia Yoga Mat, Yellow Willow Yoga ($98)

There’s something je ne sais quoi about black-and-white stripes. The irregular lines of this pick give it a cool twist.


The Elevated Element

Terrazzo Yoga Mat, DOIY (€35)

When you think about ’80s workouts, there’s a whole lot to cringe over. This terrazzo mat, however, offers a modern take on one of the decade’s most popular design trends.

The Luxe Leopard

No Ka’oi Leopard Yoga Mat, Saint Laurent ($415)

If you’ve got $415 to blow on any yoga mat, it might as well be an animal-print one by Saint Laurent in collaboration with No Ka’oi. At least you’ll have some extra financial incentive to actually make the time to work out.

The Abstract Art

Versa Yoga Mat
Versa Yoga Mat, Society6 ($39)

Dots, curves, and abstract shapes come together to create a pattern by artist Tracie Andrews that’s so delightful, you’ll find yourself attempting crow pose with excitement rather than dread.

The Hypebeast Essential

Black & White Yoga Mat, Off-White ($255)

Finally, a way toconvince your streetwear-obsessed friend to make it to 7 a.m. yoga with you. This Virgil Abloh design is chic meets tongue-in-cheek.


The Eco-Friendly Accessory

Cork Yoga Mat, Basically Perfect ($110)

If you want to keep things simple, go all-natural with a sustainably made cork yoga mat. Bonus: It’s naturally antimicrobial.

The Color-Blocked Variety

Yeti Mat
The Cancer Yoga Mat, Yeti Yoga ($60)

There’s something especially relaxing about a bunch of warm colors interspersed with a blank space and a few clusters of delicate polka dots. Roll it out and take a big, deep breath. Namaste

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