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We just want to preface this article by saying that baby shower registries exist for a reason. If someone needs a baby bath tub, it’s probably not the best practice to show up with tiny baby socks instead. But if you’re on the hunt for a smaller present to accompany the main attraction—or if you just want to give a little surprise—why not try something a little more unique?

Enter: Etsy, which certainly has no shortage of unique and handmade items available for any occasion. The site’s nursery and baby selection is predictably full of adorable finds, so we’ve rounded up a list of some of our favorite little items to gift any parents-to-be.

Baby Swing, Byel Swings, $87.61

This Scandi-inspired swing is made from ecological linen-cotton fabric. Minimalist and practical, it’ll help busy parents out immensely as entertainment for their little one.

Grey Crochet Baby Gift Set, Bagel Face UK, $28.89

The sweetest little gift set, this crochet pom pom hat and shoe set will keep the baby warm in style.

Wooden Swing Shelf, Pumpur, $41.90+

Display mementos and books without taking up a ton of space. This shelf is another smart storage solution—there’s even a rack attached—that adheres easily to the wall.

Wooden Personalized Name Train, Percy and Nell Store, $14.45+

Speaking of things to display, this wooden train is perfect for a customized gift. Display on a windowsill or shelf and give the family a sentimental item they’ll treasure for years to come.

Mini Children’s Clothing Rack, Alluring Co, $82

If your gift recipient has a small nursery without a dresser or closet, a tiny clothing stand could be just the present they need. With space for both shoes and bulky outerwear (as bulky as outerwear can be when the wearer is tiny), it’s a great option for extra storage.

Baby Mobile, Rainbow Smile Shop, $59.80

This mobile is customizable and the perfect accessory to any fairytale or woodsy-themed nursery. Hang over the crib to add an extra decorative touch.

Watercolor Baby Animal Prints, Printable Lifestyle, $6.16

Get them started on the gallery wall trend early with this set of watercolor prints. These come in a printable version—hence the low price—so you can further customize with frames that match the nursery decor best.

Dipped Seagrass Belly Basket, Squish and Sprout, $36.94

Parents-to-be are sure to appreciate the extra storage offered by a big basket; especially as their kids grow up and the toys multiply. These come in several gorgeous shades so they’re as chic as they are practical. Our favorites are the subdued grayscale ones, which you can purchase as a set for a sort of ombre effect.

Linen Baby Headbands, Crowned Sweet Boutique, $6.57

How pretty are these linen headbands? Handmade from nylon and linen for extra stretch, these pieces are soft and marketed as “not leaving a dent on your baby’s head”. Which, you know, is always a good thing.

Baby Gift Basket, Little Sprout Company, $103.45+

When in doubt, go with a gift basket. If you can’t decide on one gift, try an assortment. This box includes an array of product, from a cute illustration to soft booties to a teething ring.

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