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Stuffed animals? Check. Swaddling blankets? Check. Onesie with frolicking baby bunnies? Check. There are just so many adorable, sweet, and downright mini possibilities. If you are on cute overload or simply want to add more unique and useful accessories for your nursery, we rounded up some options that are great for babies and new parents.

Storage Basket

Having attractive places to store all of kids’ accouterments and collections is essential for keeping the house looking like it’s been overrun by a tiny, messy dictator (even if it is, in fact, being run by a tiny, messy dictator).  Made of seagrass and splashed with little squares of color, the basket will fit in and blend with almost any color or design.

Olli Ella Geo Storage Basket, $150.00

Magazine Rack That Travels

Um, what’s a baby going to do with a magazine rack? Just trust us. The secret use behind this functional item is as a carry-all for new parents. Tuck in diapers, baby cream, wipes, and a granola bar or two (so mom can have some nourishment while feeding her baby). Parents can take it from room to room instead of having to juggle baby and accessories. Later, it can return to its original purpose, stylishly holding books and magazines.

Umbra Gazette Magazine Rack, $59.99

Mounted Elephant Wall Art

Encourage every kid’s inherent love of animals with this elephant friend. Babies are notorious for striking up amusing and long-winded babbling “conversations” with elements of their wall décor. Who could resist such a sweet face?

Serena & Lily Mounted Elephant, $168.00

Photo Blocks

We love the idea of this photo block set in general, but we think it’s an especially genius way to keep close with friends and family who live far away and won’t get to spend as much time with the new little human as they would like. Baby will begin to familiarize herself with cousins, grandparents, and other members of the extended family tree while working on her stacking skills. You can also swap out photos from time to time to get her to “know” even more people, to demonstrate different emotions, or to show how baby herself is growing and changing.

Target Oh Joy! 6pc Photo Block Set, $24.99

Mini Art Table

It won’t be long before that little bundle of joy is crawling, walking around, and getting into all sorts of mischief. Once kiddos are old enough to know not to put everything into their mouths, you can use this table as a blank slate for exploring art and creativity. Until then, it’s a wonderful, mini person-sized place with a surface that can be easily wiped clean.

Offi Woody Chalkboard Table, $499.49

Colorful Teepee

Teepees don’t have to be just for older kids. Moms and Dads can use this cozy place to work on tummy time or just to snuggle up with baby, read board books, and examine those amazing little fingers and toes. Because the teepee will enjoy a fabulous second life when little ones become bigger ones, it’s likely to be a bedroom or playroom staple for years.

The Land of Nod Teepee to Call Your Own (Multi-Dot), $159.00

Dot Wall Art

For some people, tending to every design detail in the nursery is the ideal way to nest. Many people, however, find themselves with a new baby, no time, and lots of blank space on their walls. This cheerful wall art, created by a textile maker and graphic designer, will likely survive multiple room style changes and phases. The dots will mesmerize little eyes, yet add a sophisticated component to the room.

Artfully Walls Dance 6, $71.49

Jane Austen Book Set

While little ones may not be ready to grasp Jane Austen’s narratives right away, having this beautiful set on the shelf will emphasize the value of a good feminist literary education. The covers also happen to look amazingly appealing. And since babies love to be read to sleep—and will listen happily to a car manual if it’s read in a soothing voice—Mom or Dad can crack one of these and enjoy a little pleasure reading of their own at the same time.

Juniper Books Penguin Classics Jane Austen Box Set, $158.99

Picnic or Baby Blanket

Once baby is here, parents need hard-working, multipurpose baby items, and this striped picnic blanket fits the bill. Made of 100-percent breathable Turkish cotton, it’s soft and comfy and perfect for so many things. They can use it to keep baby warm during a walk, as a blanket for sitting outside and exploring the world, or even as an impromptu changing surface.

Turkish T Beach Candy Picnic Blanket, $60.99