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We expect a lot from our beach bags. They need to be big enough to carry all our things, they need to be able to handle the elements (namely, sand), and they need to look really good while doing it. There’s no use buying a “meh” beach bag when you can get yourself something you’ll actually want to tote around—whether you’re at the beach or a sidewalk cafe. So, without further ado, meet the 12 beach bags that you’ll still want to carry well after beach season is over.

Why not get yourself a bag you’ll use on the regular, but also happens to be brilliant at holding all your beach things?

Death in Paris Verizon Vermillion, $218.67

Try a bag that’s easy to clean. You’ll be able to eat s’mores with abandon.

The Dreslyn Mirage Tote, $184

This bag will look top notch at the beach or with all your summer dresses.

Zara Natural Fiber Handbag, $49.90

The pom-pom detailing makes this bag almost too cool for the beach.

Indego Africa Poppy Tote, $110

A beach bag so chic you can also wear it out at night? Dreams do come true.

Sensi Studio Style #813, $258

Let this bag double as a decorative basket in your home when you’re not using it for the beach.

Olli Ella Medium Dipped Belly Basket, $35

We’re digging the colors on this tote.

Truss Plaid Woven Raffia Effect Tote, $195

This beaded bag will ensure you’re the coolest beachgoer.

Lemaire Wood Beads Bag, $1,615

Sometimes you don’t want to haul a bunch of things to the beach. If you’re looking for a smaller bag, this one is for you.

Antonello Medium Capricciolo Tote in White, $510

With a style like this, it’s easy to get rid of sand: Simply shake.

Modern Weaving MW120, $525

With a clear bag, you’ll always know you have your sunscreen.

Building Block Basket in Clear, $525

Instead of a raffia tote, try a netted iteration. The neutral color goes with everything, and you can’t beat the price.

Clare V. Netty Natural, $25

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