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You Don’t Actually Need a Pool to Host a Pool Party

Inspiration from NYC’s buzziest new outdoor bar.

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Photo by Christopher Leaman

Manhattan’s coolest new pool club actually doesn’t have a pool at all. No Pool is the aptly named addition to the Standard, High Line and it’s complete with electric blue Astroturf and neon-hued loungers, mimicking the exact vibe of a retro beach hangout.

“What would it look like if we had people laying out in swimsuits, drink in hand, with taxis zooming by in the background? We liked the juxtaposition between the harshness of the city landscape and the playfulness of the bright, cheery colors,” explains Amy Mathias, part of the Standard’s design team.

Photo by Christopher Leaman

Photo by Christopher Leaman

The designers looked to the late 1960s and early 1970s for inspiration, reimagining the heyday of highway motel pools. “The custom shade of turf we picked up from David Hockney’s house on the west coast which we likened to a living set,” continues Mathias. “It’s how we feel about No Pool: It’s a fun space to visit and escape the daily grind and pretend you are miles away from reality.”

Photo by Christopher Leaman

From the lobster rolls and frozen gin and tonics on the menu to the rogue inflatable shark casually hanging out next to the chairs, No Pool definitely feels like a getaway. It’s a lesson in creating an outdoor oasis without so much as a drop of water. We’re taking a page from this playful space and faking our own poolside retreats:

Invite Your Favorite Pool Toys

Chic floats do exist—and they’re just as comfortable to lounge on in the grass as in the water. Grab your SPF and indulge in some backyard relaxation.

Re-create a Retro Poolside Palette

One of the summer’s hottest looks is 1960s Bermuda. Think: muted pastels, tropical motifs, and a healthy dose of jet-setting glitz. Bring this style to your patio via inexpensive accessories, like coolers or beach towels.

Repurpose Beach Essentials

If you can’t get yourself to the beach, bring the beach to you. Your beach necessities, that is. After all, that big umbrella will also provide the perfect amount of shade in the backyard.

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