Published on June 1, 2017

When it comes to getting ready for the beach, chances are picking out the right beach towel is not a top priority—you just grab whatever towel is available, even if it’s the same faded striped towel you’ve been using since your summer camp days. But it’s time to think of beach towels less as just a barrier between you and the sand, and more like an accessory. There are tons of cute and quirky beach towels on the market right now: Here are our 15 favorites. 

This striped number will pair nicely with whatever you’re wearing any given day.
Luxe Towel Hamilton, $50 

There’s not much better than a beach towel in the shape of a giant red heart.
All Around Giant Heart Towel, $75 

This will come in handy the next time you grab some prime real estate at the beach or the pool.
Reserved Beach Towel, $85 

After a long swim in the ocean, it won’t be hard to find your way back to this bold towel.
Curves Beach Towel, $80 

This graphic towel is a good compliment to a bold colored swimsuit.
Shallows, $29.95 

This leafy towel is just asking to be ‘grammed.
Patterned Beach Towel, $17.99 

Sometimes, a round beach towel is the move.
Ella Roundie Beach Towel, $97.99 

This beach towel screams summer in a sophisticated way.
Carleen x Todd Heim Projects Beach Towel, $178 

Nude beach not required. 
Boobs Towel, $85

We’re loving the bright color combo on this towel. 
Grafitti Jacquard Cotton Towel, $49.90

Pendleton’s simple, yet bold design is a yes in our book.
Rainer National Park Spa Towel, $49.50 

We’re digging this heavy duty rainbow option.
Rainbow Towel, $109.95

If you’re looking to upgrade your towel game as a whole, go for this option. The marble print will bode well at the beach, too.
Marble Reversible Bath Towel, $34 

Toting beach towels to the beach can be a pain, so we’re all for a beach towel that comes with a matching bag.
Ali Beach Towel & Bag, $58 

This quick-drying towel is perfect if you want to keep getting into the water.
Beach Club Port Towel, $48.99


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