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Pool inflatables aren’t just for staying afloat anymore—they’re symbols of a summer well spent. First, there was the ubiquitous white swan, a raft whose fame paved the way for birds of all varieties—flamingos and peacocks included. This flock was shortly followed by a mix of downright comical floats (think pepperoni pizzas and emojis), in-season fruits, and irreverent rainbows that were all drifting about with one goal in mind: to be photographed. This summer’s It float, however, wants you to leave your phone on dry land.

Though decidedly Instagrammable, CHAT Inflatables was created to encourage connection and conversation. The design-forward, candy-striped floats are the brainchild of Spanish designer Pablo Crespo Pita of Imaisdé Design Studio and are currently sold through Kiryoku Group on request. Sure, you can still snap your requisite picture, but you won’t just be doing it for the ’gram. You’ll be doing it for the unparalleled joy it promises to bring to your life and for the lives of the sun-chasers around you.

Each of the three inflatable floats (dubbed Christina, Henry, and Athina) are designed to meet the unique needs of the user and their fellow drifters. Want to sunbathe with your feet up without missing out on the gossip? Athina is sculpted for leisurely lounging. Don’t want to float alone? Christina is perfect for sharing with a partner—even if the two of you want to lay in opposite directions. What’s more: Each float comes with six hooks so you can easily link up with to the next float and chat with friends.

If these ultra-chic rafts don’t float your boat, we found a few other bold choices for living in the moment. Take a peek at our summer poolside edit below.

For the Lone Sailor

pool candy
Pool Candy Holographic Glitter Noodle, Bed Bath and Beyond ($15)

Noodles are easily the most underrated pool float. If you’re the type that doesn’t need to test the waters, skip the lie-on raft and jump right in. Fittingly filled with glitter, this disco-inspired noodle will make you the star of the pool party.

For the Land-Locked

Luxe Lie-On Float Monstera Leaf, Sunnylife ($50)

Monstera plants exude tropical vibes. Why else do you think our homes are filled with them? Green thumbs who haven’t quite earned their sea legs can enjoy a taste of home with this larger-than-life leaf.

For the Sun-Kissed Optimist

funboy 2
Rainbow Lounger, Urban Outfitters ($139)

So this is what they mean by floating on cloud nine. This dreamy pool raft—which conveniently comes with a cup holder—is sure to hit viral status this season. Even if you don’t find a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, you’ll at least walk away with a killer tan.

For the Seafaring Bibliophile

neiman marcus
Clear Rainbow Chaise Lounger, Neiman Marcus ($79)

When you’re dying to cool off but are in the middle of a thrilling chapter, this gradient lounger will allow you to seamlessly transition from land to water with a book in hand.

For the Pool Party Host

float naked fiesta
Fiesta Luxury Pool Float, Float Naked ($30)

Your summer soiree just got a lot more festive. Bring the celebration to you with this fun-loving inner tube—no streamers, taco truck, or Mariachi band required.

For the Couple Taking the Plunge

Beach Please Buddy Heart Inner Tube, Bando ($48)

Couples, rejoice! You and your partner no longer have to fight over who gets the fun float. Let your love literally bring you together by trying this dual inner tube on for size.

For the Busy Beach Body

UO float
Daisy Pool Float, Urban Outfitters ($20)

Want a raft that will take you from the pool to the beach to the volleyball net? This floral inflatable comes with a removable beach ball that can be broken out at any moment for a last-minute match.

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