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Today is International Day of the Girl—an initiative started in 2011 by the United Nations in order to bring attention to how we can empower young girls around the world. And while we’re all for having an entire day dedicated to discussion and activism, this particular cause is one worth upholding year-round.

Of course, there are incredible organizations specifically created to fight for girls’ rights in all aspects of life, from education to health to personal autonomy, like Girl Up. And cool initiatives like The Letter Project (which fosters a global community through sending letters to women in need) or Disney’s #dreambigprincess video series (a Girl Up outreach project that shares stories of trailblazing women in all arenas to inspire) are cropping up right and left.

But if you’re looking to kill two birds with one stone and donate to a worthy cause while also picking up a few new products, keep reading. Some of our favorite companies have a pretty great philanthropic component, so you can support girls from all walks of life around the world, any day of the year.


Skin therapist-created brand Dermalogica is running a special awareness campaign throughout the month of October to benefit She’s the First, a nonprofit dedicated to fighting gender inequality in education. In honor of International Day of the Girl, Dermalogica is donating $10 (up to $25,000) per Instagram post or story shared with the hashtag #DermalogicaDG—simply include a caption about who has helped you in your own career or education and tag @dermalogica and @shesthefirst. It’s one time where social media activism actually has some tangible benefits—so grab your phones and get posting!


This may potentially be the chicest box of tampons we’ve ever seen. Each Kali Teen Box includes a variety of products pegged to first-time period needs; it also includes a surprise wellness product, like essential oils or vitamins. In partnership with Girl Up, the first month’s profits of each Teen Box subscription goes to the initiative. The company also donates sanitary products to homeless shelters throughout the US through non-profit I Support the Girls.

Faircloth Supply

Launched in 2013 by designer Phoebe Dahl, this ethical company recently expanded to include a home goods sector—all adhering to the same minimalist aesthetic, with a bit of a globally inspired kick. Dahl, who started the LA-based company after discovering artisan craft techniques through travels to Japan and India, ensures that the philanthropic aspect to Faircloth Supply is front and center. Transparency in how the brand gives back is easily accessible via an informative section on the website. To condense a ton of facts and explanation, Faircloth Supply directly benefits girls’ education in Nepal by donating 5 percent of your purchase’s proceeds through a partnership with Nepal’s General Welfare Pratisthan (GWP).

“Before I started Faircloth Supply, there was a stigma about organic clothing or companies with a philanthropic angle that they were crunchy granola. I wanted to change people’s mind [and show] that you can buy cool clothing that is sustainable and promote global change,” says Dahl, who learned about the struggles facing Nepalese girls through a friend who runs an organization in Nepal called The B Project. “What I’ve learned from all this is that many consumers want to give back; we just need to provide them with the right opportunity.”


You’ve likely seen the adverts, but if you haven’t checked out period-safe underwear company Thinx, you might not know what they’ve been up to in terms of education about menstruation. Aside from a “periodical” (get it?) that includes articles and resources for women and young girls on the subject, Thinx is actively trying to fight the stigma around menstruation and combat period poverty.

Partnering with schools and afterschool programs, the company specifically targets 10- to 13-year-old girls and aims to educate them in everything from reproductive health to human rights. A lofty goal, but they also support it through donations of period products to partners around the world. So far, that equates to $315,584 contributed to global partners and 5,712 pairs of period-proof underwear donated.

Yllo Beauty

You love turmeric, but would you put it on your skin? Yllo is banking on that. Inspired by holistic Indian skincare techniques, each product is turmeric-based. This highly specialized brand (there are only three products) is also super focused on a social initiative: ending child marriage. If you’re wondering what a spice has to do with child marriage in southeast Asian countries, the inspiration for Yllo’s philanthropic aspect comes from the pre-wedding Haldi ceremony, in which both the bride and groom are covered with a mostly turmeric-based paste (read more about this here!). Wanting to distance that significant ceremony and the unfortunate reality of child marriage, Yllo donates ten percent of all profits to Plan International Canada’s Hatibandha Project.   


Apparel and accessories label Prinkshop operates on a wear-what-you-care-about basis (remember their partnership with J.Crew for a mother’s day collab benefitting Girl Up?), and they’re back with another product. Prinkshop has once more collaborated with Girl Up and their ambassador, Cara Delevingne, for a graphic tee donating a portion of proceeds directly to the campaign. The “You See a Girl I See The Future” t-shirt  ($35) comes in three colors and is available in youth and toddler sizes, too.

The Little Market

One of our favorite online marketplaces for unique, colorful decor also happens to be a nonprofit. The Fair Trade goods are made by female artisans in need—a categorization that includes refugees and survivors of trafficking and domestic violence—to empower them through self-sufficiency and enable them to build a future for themselves and their families.


“Giving uniforms to students who did not previously own one has shown to reduce school absenteeism by 64 percent,” reads the header on Rallier’s website. As such, the womenswear brand (whos ethos focuses on the idea of a personal uniform) has made it its mission to contribute to the cause. Whenever you buy something from Rallier, the company makes a donation to Shining Hope for Communities—an organization that seeks to better urban slums through providing critical services and education development for girls and women. Per the model Rallier uses, the more you spend, the more they donate; spend $295 or less, and the company will fund one school uniform dress. For anything over $396, Rallier donates three school uniform dresses.

Gjusta Goods

The lifestyle market branch of hospitality company Gjelina Group (which also includes two restaurants and a bakery/deli), Gjusta Goods is the spot in Venice Beach to go to pick up simple yet gorgeous textiles and ceramics. They also sell apparel, but we’re mostly hooked by the beautiful linen pillows—which you can feel good about splurging on given the brand’s charitable component. Affiliated with the Gjelina Foundation, a non-profit working to improve education and career prospects in Venice Beach public schools, the company directly gives back to education in historically underserved areas.

The Wing

By now, you know all about female-only workspace/social club The Wing—and are probably just as obsessed with the stylish spaces as we are. But the dedication to furthering the professional, civic, social, and economic advancement of women that the company has (it’s its founding principle, actually) is definitely our favorite thing about The Wing. The organization continually partners with local and national non-profits (including Girls Inc. and Girls Write Now) via events and volunteering—there’s even a scholarship program specifically created for the advancement of marginalized girls and women.

Sound like something you want to support? Head to their shop to pick up a few feminist-centric goodies, ranging from apparel to fun accessories. It’s shopping for a good cause.

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