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Photography by CODY GUILFOYLE

I don’t think I have ever been more excited for a new season ahead. Maximal design has trickled down from fashion to interiors, and our editors are following suit. We curated an amazing roster of cool women to feature in this issue—from multihyphenate design icon Faye Toogood (The Toogood Touch, page 152) and Madewell head designer Joyce Lee (Material Girl, page 70) to the ladies of Cherry Bombe (Bombe Squad, page 96). These talented tastemakers know that authentic style is about finding what works for you, not just copying the latest trends on Pinterest.

We are endlessly inspired by interior designer

louisa pierce

of Pierce & Ward (Southern Comforts, page 128). She lends a rocker edge to her spaces, repurposing vintage pieces and adding graphic stripes to her Nashville home. Director Hallie Meyers-Shyer (Screen Sensation, page 144) shows us how the leading character in one of the season’s most anticipated films, Home Again, informed how she decorated her own mid-century hacienda.


Plus, we’re going crazy for the color combos dreamed up by the visionary Milanese designers of

dimore studio

(The New Italian Masters, page 61), whose rich inspirations are rooted in history. And in a nod to the runways, mixing and matching patterns from every source imaginable builds an entirely new kind of interior (Prints Mash-Up, page 64). Because making the rules—rather than breaking someone else’s—means finding what works for you and putting it out there.

Photography by MEGHAN MCNEER

Cover star Maggie Gyllenhaal, who always follows her instincts, is our official muse for fall (Maggie’s World, page 138). She immersed herself in 1970s New York with art, books, and fashion from the vibrant era to prepare for her daring role in HBO’s The Deuce. When she was getting ready for a recent event, she rocked a hot pink Gucci dress, and briefly questioned the boldness of her choice. We have all had a similar moment, where a color might seem a little too bright, a print-on-print verges on wacky, or a favorite outfit makes you feel a touch too much like Helen Roper from Three’s Company.

I think the most important aspect of taking risks, whether sartorially or in your home, is that it makes you happy. Hopefully these pages will inspire you to write a few new rules and confidently experiment with different styles. When you venture out of your comfort zone and push the limits, you never know what fresh inspiration you’ll discover.


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