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The power of art can not be underestimated. Whether it’s a t-shirt making a political statement as an act of protest or a simple painting that sparks an idea in a young student, artistic endeavors are often the first step to a meaningful and momentous sea change. We’re always looking to the arts for new ways to give back, and right now, we’re feeling super inspired by these three organizations. And what’s better than picking up a new piece of art and supporting a good cause at the same time?

Mission Statement

Founded in 2014 in support of Planned Parenthood Los Angeles, Sexy Beast began as an art gala with a big-ticket auction. Since Sonny Ruscha Granade and Kristen Stegemoeller took the reins last year, bringing music-industry vet Tera Uhlinger on board, the trio has begun approaching a more diverse group of supporters, using their connections in creative circles to better serve the cause.

The highly successful launch of a Jenny Holzer x Virgil Abloh T-shirt series last December and upcoming collaborations with such designers as Gabriela Artigas prove this is just the beginning.

Breaking Ground

Located in Brooklyn’s Dumbo neighborhood, the LAND (League Artists Natural Design) gallery opened in 2005 to support adults with intellectual disabilities. The studio now represents 15 artists who exhibit across the country, and it recently launched two books—gaining recognition from the art-world establishment along the way.

“The individuals we work with are artists first. Their diagnosis is secondary, and something we believe should not hold them back,” explains gallery manager Sophia Cosmadopoulos. “Their art is some of the freshest, most groundbreaking out there—and it’s time for others to see that, too.” With projects like a Blu Dot product collaboration and a number of shows coming up, that exposure will surely increase.

Creative Cure

RxArt’s list of contributors could match a contemporary art museum’s roster of artists—from Jeff Koons to Will Cotton—creating a powerhouse organization that inspires healing by bringing vibrant visual art into children’s hospitals across North America. Founder and president Diane Brown launched the nonprofit after undergoing a CAT scan in a drab room, and RxArt has now impacted the lives of millions of patients.

A project last year at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles featured brightly patterned wall coverings designed by artists Laura Owens (above), Urs Fischer, and Sam Falls in collaboration with Flavor Paper. In 2018, highlights will include work with Rashid Johnson and William Wegman, further expanding their reach with the power of art. You can support the cause by shopping their site—don’t sleep on the colorful limited edition prints and floral bookmarks.

This story originally appeared in the spring 2018 issue with the headline “Art for Goodness Sake.”

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