Girl Power: New Exhibition Celebrates Women Designers in NYC

Designing Women, a month-long show to benefit Girls Inc., opens today with work from 15 creatives.

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[Egg Collective founders Hillary, Crystal, and Stephanie stand in front of Cosmos by Lora Appleton of Kinder Modern.]

“I think it’s really important for women, particularly young women, to be able to see themselves out there and look at other women and say ‘okay I can do that,’” says Anna Karlin of Designing Women, a new show opening today to coincide with design month in New York City. Karlin, a multi-media designer is just one of 15 New York-based female designers and artists that the show features.

Designing Women is the brainchild of design company Egg Collective, founded and run by Stephanie Beamer, Crystal Ellis, and Hillary Petrie. The exhibition opens today, May 1, and will take over Egg’s Tribeca showroom until May 24. It features works that range from jewelry and ceramics to gilded wall panels.

[Designing Women class photo. Top row: 1. Natalie Herrera, High Gloss; 2. Maria Moyer; 3. Syrette Lew, Moving Mountains; 4. Hiroko Takeda; 5. Hillary Petrie, Egg Collective; 6. Lisa Hedge, Ensemble Studio; 7. Vanessa Saba, Ensemble Studio; 8. Yolande Batteau, Callidus Guild; 9. Dana Barnes; 10. Julianne Ahn, Object & Totem. Bottom row: 1. Lindsey Adelman; 2. Bec Brittain; 3. Caroline Ventura, Brvtvs; 4. Anna Karlin; 5. Stephanie Beamer, Egg Collective; 6. Deborah Ehrlich; 7. Crystal Ellis, Egg Collective; 8. Lora Appleton, Kinder Modern.]

The chosen artists range in age, in practice, and in background, but all pose a sophistication and high level of design practice to their work. Ellis says, “We wanted to highlight women at various stages of their careers who each have a unique and individual voice, working across a wide range of mediums and scales.” Beamer continues, “We asked ourselves: ‘Who do we really respect and whose work do we really love?’”

The gallery itself, located at 304 Hudson Street, gives off a glowing energy, one of creativity and collaboration. Upon entering the whitewashed space there are a number of both sculptural and lighting elements that catch your eye. A lighting installation by Lindsey Adelman hangs above Egg’s ovular hardwood table.

[Designers sit around Egg Collective’s Oscar Dining Table and Densen Side Chairs in Bleached Maple, with Margot George Chandelier above. Textile art by Hiroko Takeda frames the scene. Pictured here: Maria Moyer, Syrette Lew of Moving Mountains, Lisa Hedge & Vanessa Saba of Ensemble, Julianne Ahn of Object and Totem, and Deborah Erlich.]

The adjacent room is filled with art by Bec Brittain, Callidus Guild’s Yolande Batteau, Anna Karlin, and Kinder Modern’s Lora Appleton, with jewelry from Caroline Ventura. These names should sound familiar: Egg has managed to bring together the heavy hitters of New York’s design scene, by a range of connections and community.

“This is an incredible moment,” says Maria Moyer, “to pull together and create this kind of space. In New York, you don’t have such distinct work in a place with so much air around them. We usually don’t have space, so we don’t take it. And Egg Collective has done an incredible job not only selecting pieces for the show, but in their vision of pulling us all together, creating such a positive space for us.”

[“I feel really honored to be a part of this show and for people to see a great body of work, regardless of the sex of the maker,” says Lora Appleton of Kinder Modern. The side room of the Egg Collective Showroom features Karlin’s Layered Dining Table and Chess Piece Stools, jewelry by Caroline of Brvtus, and Egg Collective’s Crain Cabinet. A gilded room by Callidus Guild includes hand-painted wallpaper and ceylonite mirrors hanging on gold chains. Pictured here: Caroline Ventura of Brvtvs, Lora Appleton of Kinder Modern, Bec Brittain, Anna Karlin, and Yolande Batteau of Callidus Guild.]

The group came together through a number of channels, known entities, and the larger community of design in New York. For this event, Egg collective has partnered with Girls Inc. an organization that empowers girls to be strong, smart and bold, donating 20 percent of the sales of the show to them. Be sure to check out this killer show on viewing through the end of May.

[Upon first entering Egg Collective’s showroom, one is greeted by Hiroko Takeda’s golden textile and Dana Barnes’s Riggers Knot. Suspended from the ceiling is a lighting installation by Lindsey Adelman. Pictured here: Natalie Herrera of High Gloss, Hiroko Takeda, Lindsey Adelman, and Dana Barnes.]

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Published on May 1, 2017