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We can think of no better juice glass than one that is simultaneously evocative of mid-century designs (most often decorated with images of oranges) and the Welch’s jelly jars many of us upcycled into cups in the ’90s, but is also readily available on the Internet in 2019. These 12 patterned vessels are exactly that—consider them the easiest way to make a glass of water (or, appropriately, a glass of freshly squeezed juice) feel as special as a flute of champagne. With just a touch of retro flair, they also help your everyday table setting look twice as fun when you’re entertaining. Find the style that speaks most to you, and give your glassware collection the nostalgic addition it deserves. Now do you prefer your OJ with pulp or without?

The Fruity Ones

You don’t have to wake up extra-early and get out your juicer just to make proper use of these produce-themed glasses. Store-bought drinks taste just fine in them if not better.

The Floral Ones

When you can’t start your day with a brisk walk out in nature, a glass of water with lemon and fresh mint, served in one of these lushly illustrated glasses, makes for a compelling substitute. We also advocate using them for your nightcap, especially if it’s a nice cold gin and tonic. 

The Graphic Ones

If you’re someone who is drawn to repeating patterns, we’re guessing you might also be a big fan of routine. These glasses are ideal for that morning refreshment you can’t start your day without.

The 3-D Ones

No one ever said that your juice glasses have to be smooth and sleek. These designs come complete with tiny, three-dimensional accents that make every sip feel like a special occasion.

The Artsy Ones

Savor your home-brewed iced coffee in one of these glasses while you plan your next visit to the local modern art museum.

The Floral Ones

Who needs a centerpiece when your glasses are the bouquet? These playful floral cups will make brunch feel festive, with hardly any extra effort required on your end.

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