Published on April 16, 2021

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There’s nothing more thrilling than landing on the perfect dresser, sofa, planter, or silverware and finding out that—score!—it won’t break the bank. But that chase takes work. Thankfully we’ve scoured the Internet for you to unearth the best deals of the week.

Perfect Match

The easiest way to get some John Derian in your home? An $8 matchbox. Styling one on your coffee table has almost as much impact as one of his classic decoupage trays

Mini Muse

Falcon’s enamelware pinch pot is less than 2 inches tall, winning the award for most adorable bowl ever. Forget salt shakers; it’s all about a little bowl of saltI keep one next to the stove and one on the dining table. 

Get Juiced

While making margaritas with my family in California, my mom enlightened me about probably the most effective juicer on the planet—it gets every last drop out of your lemons. I’ve always gone for the classic press-style citrus squeezer, but I am forever converted.

Sunglasses Saver

I know I’m not the only one who’s thrown a pair of sunglasses into a tote sans case. Now I need to get my lenses replaced, which is a lot more expensive than this cloudlike case from Baggu. 

Garden Gem

Cheap statement planters (that we’d actually recommend) are hard to come by. From none other than Target comes your plant’s new BFF, in one of the most trending materials out there. 

Open Door

If you look hard enough, you can find beauty within even the most mundane product categories. Take a door stopper, for example. Why buy a brown rubber stump when you can have an ash- or oakwood wedge greeting you at the door? 

Floral Friend

Just in time for your spring blooms, this IKEA vase looks anything but cheap. Easily mistaken for a vintage find, its bold shape is reminiscent of ’70s decor (as well as this much pricier version from MoMA). 

Lip Service

While most lip balms are a low SPF, Supergoop’s is 30—but don’t worry, it won’t leave a sunscreen taste in your mouth. The minty formula gives off a cooling sensation, which does wonders on a hot, humid day. 

Sweet Stirrer

Mixing oat milk into your coffee has never been this cute. Stylist’s tip: Order a few and arrange them in a tumbler on your bar, shell side up. 

Rainbow Brite

As the world starts to return to normal, it’s time to brush up on those party tricks. My favorite? These colorful drippy candles. What first appears as a simple white taper quickly becomes a melting rainbow. 

Drink Up

Our two favorite drinkware trendsan amber tint and ribbed texturemerge in an acrylic tumbler made for Arnold Palmer sipping. Perfect for picnics, as you won’t need to worry about them breaking in tow. 

Tie-Dyed Dream

While you have one or two pairs of shoes on repeat (I can’t even look at my slide-on Vans anymore), it’s time to have fun with socks. And nothing says fun like hot pink tie-dye. Plus hand-dyed means no two pairs are alike.