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City dwellers in small spaces know how important it is to get creative with storage. Anyone can throw stuff in bins, but Wendy’s asked us to get a little more elevated. In celebration of their own revamped menu offering (that you’ll find at the end of this story!), we’ve pulled together our favorite, most innovative

small space hacks

. If you’re running low on design inspiration or ideas for hacking your way to a more organized space (that don’t involve you throwing out most of the things you own), review a few of our favorite ways to control the clutter, no matter what your square footage.

Over Your Doorways

We love this storage option because it’s a very out-of-the-way place to store items that don’t necessarily need to hide. Here, a cherished instrument or two are joined by plants (a recurring presence throughout this space). They’re out of the way, and still offer reminders of what the owners love about them.


Form DIY Walls

In a small (even almost non-existent!) backyard area, try using a lattice wall to give you a new place for plants to live, without sacrificing any sacred sunshine you’d like shining through. There’s something fun about this setup that a bunch of pots on the ground just can’t touch.

Photography by STYLE ME PRETTY

Really, Really High Up

The full height of your ceilings will be your best friend when styling your small space. Placing shelving right up to the ceiling will ensure you’re using every square inch of available space. This option is particularly perfect if you’ve got seasonal items you don’t use every day, or a book collection that’s overtaking your home!

Photography by ERIK OLSSON

In Clever Fold-Out Nooks

A bit of custom work might be required, but for a bed that disappears when you need it to, it’s worth it. Murphy beds, fold-away tables, and the like will allow your space to retain all the functions of a larger space, without appearing overstuffed with furniture and necessities.

Photography by GRAVITY HOME

In Modular Fashion

Modular shelving is an affordable way to get custom with your small space storage. Where one person might need a plethora of shelves for books, photos, and keepsakes, another might only need one or two, with a larger shelf serving as a mini-desk. It’s all up to the needs of your space when you use something versatile like this.

Photography by NICOLE FRANZEN

In Plain Sight

One common small space mistake is thinking that your essential items that aren’t necessarily “decor” have to be hidden. They don’t! Here, a bright white pegboard serves as a beautiful backdrop and functional home for kitchen goodies.

Photography by MOLLY WINTERS

On Expanded Surfaces

Pro tip: The top of the toilet is a terrible place to store stuff, unless you change the top! This extended shelf above the toilet elongates and sturdies the surface, while still leaving room above to add a cabinet or additional shelving, if desired.

Photography by HOMEPOLISH

On Wheels

Any space serving more than one purpose, as most small spaces do, needs to be flexible. In one moment you might need a mini bar, while in another a workspace for wrapping holiday gifts. Keep your space nimble with a rolling storage cart that can serve a variety of needs, and scoot out of the way when you don’t need it at all.

Photography by apartment therapy

Behind A Curtain

Sometimes you just need to hide it. Installing a curtain in front of shelving, or as an alternative to a closet door, will take any pressure away so that you don’t feel the need to be constantly organized to perfection. Hang up a fabric texture and style you like, and no one need know about the crap behind the curtain.


Behind A Magical Mirror

Alright, this one’s pretty out there. But–if you can manage to swing a mirror that conceals a flat screen TV (or anything, really), we highly encourage it. File this under “someday splurges.”


In Really, Really Plain Sight

Taking the pegboard concept to the next level, this incredibly organized and labeled entryway alerts the occupant instantly if any essentials are missing, as everything truly has it’s place. This takes the old catch-all by the doorway to new heights.

Photography by WILL STRAWSER

Inside Your Furniture

Anyone can do a storage ottoman in the living room, we’re talking about pieces far more creative than that, like this bar table that’s placed up high, paired with barstools, and houses a row of glassware sunken into the piece itself for a genius storage move!


On The Wall

Not all furniture needs legs! If you’re really strapped for space but can’t get by without a nightstand, etc, considering hanging a small version from the wall. You’ll have all the access to essentials that you need, with no square footage lost.


In Smaller Quantities

Sometimes we need to rethink scale. If your home just won’t allow for the full home bar equipped with every craft cocktail essential you dream of, simply scale back. Stick to the most-used items you tend to rely on, and only bring in the bigger bottles when hosting guests.


Underneath Cabinets

A magnetic knife strip is often in view on a wall near the stove, but have you ever tried it underneath a cabinet? Totally concealed from view and using up zero storage room whatsoever, this quick trick to conceal your knifes is one you won’t regret.

Photography by CONTAINER STORE

Just Plain Smarter

If you open up your kitchen cabinets, chances are you’re not using them to their full potential. See that open space above a row of coffee cups? The vacant air above your salad plates? Stack your kitchen essentials more intelligently by splitting each interior cabinet shelf into two with a device like this one.


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