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It doesn’t matter if you have a tiny studio apartment or unlimited space, shoes always manage to get in the way. From not having the proper storage, to getting lazy and letting them pile up by the entryway, things can get messy quick. Rather than letting your footwear take over a portion of your square footage, set up a designated spot for all your everyday favorites. These DIY projects are simple and will leave you with an organized selection of your wardrobe essentials.

DIY Ladder Wardrobe

If you have the available space, this is a great project from A Pair and a Spare DIY. Aside from being able to neatly store your outerwear and accessories, your shoes will have their own spot in your home. Neatly arrange them on the available bottom two shelves, and the floor of your closet will thank you. Plus, your shoes will now be elevated off the floor—so no more pesky stains or rainy day smudges to clean up.

Entryway Shoe Organizer

Okay, this DIY from Emily Henderson and BNeato is amazing. Besides being amazing, it’s easy and cheap. Yes, please! All you need to do is pick up some wood, paint, and keyhole hangers from your local hardware store, and you’ll be ready to start. After you’ve put these mini organizers together, hang them at the base of your wall near your entryway. You can slip your shoes right in, and it won’t take up any space at all.

Space Saving Shoe Rack

If you don’t have the time or patience to go to a hardware store to pick up the necessities for a project, then this may be the one for you. Save up on cardboard boxes or ask your supermarket if they have extras you can take home next time you’re there. This A Piece of Rainbow DIY is so simple you’ll be done in a few minutes. Shape these cardboard boxes into triangles, and stack them on top of one another in a pyramid formation. That’s it! You can cover these cardboard pieces in washi tape or contact paper to give them a little something extra, too.

ShelfShoe Storage

If you’re a bit more handy with saws and power drills (or if you’re feeling adventurous), this DIY ladder from Design*Sponge is fantastic. It’s small enough in dimension to place in any available area of your home. The natural pine used will make it blend in perfectly, and none of your shoes will clash when arranged on its shelves. Add some of your own style to the top shelf with pretty handbags or plants—it will make this new piece seamlessly work with the rest of your decor.

Copper Shoe Rack

Want something with trendy accents? This DIY copper shoe rack from Fresh Cut may be just what you’re looking for. Once you have all of the parts, the project itself is quite easy. If you’re feeling ambitious, install a piece of wood slightly above this rack to make a simple console shelf to complete the look.

Grid Shoe Storage

This isn’t so much a DIY as it is an “oops, I have leftover material from another project”—but we still love it nonetheless. Large wire mesh can be used for a variety of things, including a grid

shoe storage system

as seen on Burkatron. Lean this piece against a wall in your bedroom or entryway to display your favorite shoes. It will be a chic addition to any bare wall, and it will clear up some space in your closet. It’s a win-win.

Shoe Wall Hooks

You can’t say no to an Ikea hack. Towel hooks aren’t just for towels—they also work for shoes. Install these oversized hooks, and simply hang your shoes on them. Arrange them on your wall however you want, neatly in a line or staggered—it’s up to you. Your whole collection of shoes will be right in front of you when you’re choosing what to wear, and you will have much more open floor space.

Crate Shelves

You want simple? We have simple! Pick up some crates (either leave them in their natural state or paint them), stack them up, and you’re done. You can do this for any type of storage needs you have, but in this case, it’s a great way to neatly arrange your shoes. This tip from Creating Really Awesome Fun Things is a quick and practical way to turn your footwear chaos into something functional and fun.

Moulding Shoe Holder

Instead of hanging hooks on your wall, use your moulding. This easy approach will give you tons of organizing potential, and you’ll barely see them. Either paint these strips of moulding a bold color to make them pop, or keep them neutral so they blend right in. Since these pieces are flush against the wall, it will be like no space is taken up, yet all your shoe problems have been solved.