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We get it, your garage has seen better days. With everything from gardening supplies, holiday décor, and endless household items that you can’t part with, it’s no wonder that the garage has turned into a black hole. Thankfully, there are geniuses who have perfected the “organized garage,” which DOES exist, using a few helpful tricks. Here are 27 storage solutions to keep your garage tidy once and for all.

Create a Functional Work Bench

A built-in work bench is a must for the DIY girl, or anyone that wishes to have some workable counter space in the garage. With a work bench, you automatically have plenty of concealed storage in the drawers, ample counter space as well as space above to mount tools.

Labeled Bins

Sometimes all you need to get organized is a few bins and a label-maker. This garage wall of labeled plastic bins makes finding something a breeze. Place items more often used towards to bottom for an easy reach.

Add a “Mudroom”

A garage mudroom gives a welcoming vibe to an otherwise cluttered space. Add a place for shoes, coats and keys and decorate it any style you wish.

Think Upwards

In the garage, utilizing the height of the room is key. By elevating most of your storage items, it leaves more floor space in the garage for what it was actually meant for, like your car.


Hooks on a pegboard is an inexpensive way to mount small items that you might need quickly (code: no more pulling down heavy boxes!). Another great reason for a pegboard? You can paint it any color you choose, for a little oomph to your garage space.

Gardening Essentials

Living off the land has never been easier when you designate a cute and efficient space for your garden tools. No more tangled twine and lost gloves!

Go Vintage

This garage is looking rustic and refined thanks to these vintage crates. The sliding barn door helps to conceal unsightly storage, while a bench is inviting when you’re ready to put your feet up after a long day.

Chalk Paint Cupboards

No more excuses for lost items! Easily identify what’s in those cupboards using chalk paint! This storage solution practical when you need to move things around- just wipe off and write again!

Reuse Kitchen Canisters

Small spice canisters allow nuts and bolts to be sorted- and stay that way! The magnetic mount keeps it accessible, so you can stop digging through drawers trying to find what you need.

Rethink IKEA

Using a few IKEA products and a little creativity, this DIY’d garage workbench makes organizing look effortless! See the full tutorial via Polished Habitat.

Laundry Room Friendly

If you happen to share your garage with your laundry room, this is a great trick to maximize your

space above the

washer and dryer. Add a designated space to hang and fold and plenty of concealed cabinets for all your laundry products. No more clothes consuming your garage space!

Useful Baskets

For a quick clean-up tip, have handy baskets that serve as a catch-all for items that just don’t seem to have their place. Customize each basket to fit your needs!

Corral Bulky Tools

For tall, awkward-sized tools like brooms and shovels, get a handy holder that will keep them in place and out of the way. No more falling-over nonsense.

Categorize Holiday Decor

For holiday décor, clear bins are better! That way you can see and categorize your décor items based on colors, types, material, and season. Always store the least used items first and the favorites on top for easy access.

Don’t Forget a Little Style

Once your garage is nice and neat, add a touch of personal style. This will not only motivate you to keep it clean, but it will actually become a space that you don’t mind spending time in.

PVC Pipe Storage

Declutter your garage using PVC pipe nailed to a piece of wood. These handy tubes are a perfect home for all those small items that pile up in a box.

Be a Minimalist

Clean out your garage often so it doesn’t become an overwhelming mess. When you narrow down your stuff to just the necessities, it is easier to find a place for them.

Repurpose Household Storage

Pocket shoe organizers aren’t just for inside the house, but can function as an excellent storage space for spray paint, tape and other garage tools, too.


For a unique way to house your garage stuff, think old school. Lockers have a ton of storage possibilities. The best part? You won’t be able to see the clutter inside!

Sliding Doors

This is definitely a “why didn’t we think of that?” idea. Make the most out of your garage wall space by adding sliding doors. Not only does it look clean, but it makes finding something convenient and stress-free.

Shoe Rack

Tracking in dirt from your garage into the house is a major bummer. A shoe rack is a practical solution for keeping both your garage and your house free of grime and bacteria. This DIY tutorial shows you how you can make your very own!

Put it On Wheels

We all know about bar carts, but what about garage carts? On wheels there is no heavy lifting necessary, which is a must in the garage. Add toolboxes, car wash essentials, and maybe a few beverages for when you get thirsty.

Keep Things Clean

If there’s one place that often needs a good cleaning, it’s the garage. By keeping paper towels at arm’s reach, it’s easy to clean up a mess the moment it happens.

Keep Wrapping Under Wraps

Have you ever started to wrap a present only to find find you have wrapping paper but no tape? Or scissors but no paper? That dilemma is unheard of with an organized wall like this.

Keep School Items in Check

Gone are the days school supplies overrun the house. By keeping them in their place in consolidated cubbies, you can keep your home clutter-free!

Reuse and Recycle

Make the earth a better place straight from your home! Recycle bins are an eco-friendly addition to the garage because recycling helps cut down on waste entering our landfill, all while having the added benefit of helping you keep things clean and organized inside.