Published on April 26, 2021

Ask Domino’s style director, Benjamin Reynaert, if it’s possible to build a chic storage space and he’ll reply, “Who says a storage unit or garage can’t be dreamy, too?” This season he’s finally organizing his to be functional and fashionable. Here’s what he’s filling it with to keep order.

Bright Idea

A slim task light frees up valuable surface area for staging still lifes.

Hang Tight

Made from heavy-gauge steel, these colorful hooks brighten up any wall and are strong enough to withstand everyday use.

Artistic Additions

Slim Alexander Calder–like hangers add glorious inches to a compact closet.

Carry On

Lugging items to and from photo shoots is a breeze with a durable 14-inch-wide tote bag (it’s made from recycled sunblinds).

On a Roll

Perfect for holding all my packing materials, this go-anywhere cart is lightweight and requires zero assembly. 

Sew Awesome

Quilted moving blankets are a must, and this diamond-patterned one comes in 16 shades. Not to mention it looks great at the foot of a bed.

For Contrast

My prop collection really stands out against crisp, clean white, so I can easily find what I’m looking for.

Cool Tools

It’s always a good idea to keep tools on hand, and these beechwood screwdrivers are as pretty as they are powerful.

A Hardworking Desk

The worktable of choice at the Rhode Island School of Design’s architecture school comes complete with a magnetic pegboard for loose papers.

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