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There’s a reason you enter Target needing toothpaste and leave with a rattan hamper, nonslip hangers, and some drawer dividers in tow. The big-box retailer is a treasure trove of smart storage solutions. Online, the brand’s decorative storage section alone garners 566 results. Which of those things are worth buying? We asked seven pro organizers to give us a peek inside their shopping carts for some guidance. Here are the no-fail Target products they swear by for a tidier home.

For the pantry

OXO POP 5pc Airtight Food Storage Container Set, Target ($50)

Neat Little Nest founder Michele Vig’s trick for a clutter-free kitchen is based on an age-old organizing rule: You’ll only ever use what you can see. “When items like flour, sugar, rice, and coffee are kept in clear, airtight containers, they stay fresher longer and the clear bin allows a quick scan when stock is low,” she says. (Plus, you won’t overbuy!) Vig notes that when she’s purchasing storage essentials (in particular, plastic goods), she looks for quality brands so she knows it’s a onetime purchase. Her recommendation: OXO’s stackable canisters.

For the living room

Seagrass Basket With Handles, Target ($25)

“The seagrass basket with handles is my number-one go-to for corralling everything from toys, books, and games in the playroom to throws, pillows, and magazines in the living room,” says home organizer and closet stylist Shira Gill. A wider container like this one lets you locate items in a flash. If you prefer to keep the floor uncluttered, Gill suggests lining a few of these baskets along the top shelf of a closet and filling them with seasonal and lesser-used things (think: winter hats or birthday party decorations).


For any closet

15-Pocket Over-the-Door Hanging Shoe Organizer, Target ($10)

Beatrice Copeland, the creator and host of Bea Organized, doesn’t think bedroom closet when she spots a pocket shoe organizer. “Put it in the hall closet for cleaning supplies, the playroom for toys, or the bathroom for beauty products,” she says. To keep the item itself in order, she suggests labeling each of the pockets according to their contents.

For the kids’ rooms

Decorative Coiled Rope Floor Basket, Target ($30)

Vig’s second pick? Another basket. This sturdy catchall is great for spaces where wear and tear are inevitable, like a kid’s bedroom. “It’s a newcomer to Target’s organizational lineup, but don’t let its cuteness fool you,” says Vig. “It’s able to hide everything from stuffed animals to extra blankets to small toys in a snap.”

Pro organizer and interior stylist Laura Cattano is also a fan of the coiled option for streamlining rooms on the down low. “A favorite design trick is using multiples of the same baskets on a shelf. It makes them virtually disappear, giving your space a clean, fresh, and uncluttered look,” she shares.

For bedroom drawers

3pc Decorative Bamboo Storage, Target ($29)

Like her fellow experts, certified KonMari consultant Lisa Tselebidis believes there’s no such thing as too many storage containers (that is, unless they don’t spark joy for you). After she’s helped clients minimize their wardrobe, she’ll pull out a slew of shallow bins like these. “These storage baskets look great on a shelf, but can also be used to compartmentalize and store KonMari-folded clothes or accessories in a drawer,” she says. No one wants to see your hard work (and all those perfect creases) go to waste.


For the basement and other low-traffic areas

Sterilite® Clear Plastic Under Bed Storage, Target ($5)

Sometimes, the best storage solutions are ones you forget you even have. For garages, basements, and under beds, Amanda Jefferson of Indigo Organizing says the Sterilite bin series is a lifesaver. “They’re durable and affordable, and they have a clean, minimalist look,” she explains. Spare tools? Unsightly power strips? That tennis racket you haven’t touched in a decade? Those can all live happily in here.

For the bathroom

Y-Weave Curved Bin, Target ($8)

For places where dust bunnies are a given, Jessica DeSiato of Thoughtfully Organized looks to vessels that are as easy on the eyes as they are to clean. “My favorite item in Target to purchase when I’m organizing any space for my clients is the Y-Weave Rectangle Bin by Room Essentials,” says DeSiato. The smaller versions of these bins are great for linen closets, under the bathroom sink, and other spots where you’ll be regularly swapping products in and out. Time for a Target run.

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