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While January is often seen as the jump-start for getting organized, March is the time when the cracks begin to show. Three months into the year, it’s now become readily clear what’s working—and what needs to be revisited. Maybe you’ve set the foundation by eliminating some excess, donating a pile of hardly worn clothes, and giving your pantry a deep clean. But without the right organizational tools that offer every little thing its rightful place, a return to mess and clutter is almost inevitable.

Sure, you could shove everything out of sight Monica Geller–style, but maximizing storage will also keep the rest of your home running smoothly. And frankly, we prefer solutions that will help us in the long-term versus a quick fix. Below, find some of our favorite organizational picks from Walmart—both well priced and well designed—that will streamline your space, routine, and life. 

The mess: Spices, cooking oils, and cleaning supplies

The solution: The Home Edit Low Wall Turntable

With full 360-degree rotation and a satisfying spin, this turntable is a great way to store spices or cooking oils in a cabinet or pantry. But it’s not just about ease of access: The wide lip offers spill protection, keeping shelves free of sticky drippings or hard-to-remove turmeric stains.

The mess: Toys and hard-to-store bulky items

The solution: Honey-Can-Do Large Natural Basket

Textural but neutral, woven baskets are a great way to reduce the visual clutter of kids’ stuff. Built-in handles make this one easy for little hands to carry, but no promises about whether they’ll put toys away without being asked a hundred times. 

The mess: Plates, mugs, glasses, and bowls

The solution: Mainstays 6-Piece Wire Organizing Set

Increasing cabinet space without adding more cabinets sounds kind of impossible, but this set of wire organizers, which includes a wrap stand, two under-cabinet baskets, and three standing shelves, helps make the best of underutilized space by tacking on additional levels. Or if your cabinets are already filled to the very top, this grouping will transform a teetering tower of dinnerware into smaller and more stable stacks. 

The mess: Photos, office supplies, and various tchotchkes

The solution: Pioneer Photo Albums Photo Storage Box

This box can hold more than 1,000 4×6 photos, but we’ve found the size also works well for home office supplies, electronics accessories and chargers, and even small keepsakes (we see you, sentimentalists). It’s sturdy enough to stack in a closet and a great way to avoid an overflowing junk drawer. 

The mess: Snacks, baking supplies, and canned goods

The solution: The Home Edit 5-Piece Pantry Edit

Good food storage is all about being able to see what’s on hand and when it’s time to restock. Two large stackable bins with inserts are perfect for corralling snacks and keeping similar items like baking supplies all together, while a riser for cans means finding peeled tomatoes won’t involve a full pantry hunt. 

The mess: Dry goods

The solution: Honey-Can-Do 4-Piece Glass Jar Storage Set

Switching from plastic to glass is a luxe upgrade that’s worth it for highly visible goods that will live on a countertop or an open shelf as well as bulk items like loose-leaf teas. Plus pressure-fitted lids keep food fresher longer. 

The mess: Off-season storage

The solution: Household Essentials Jumbo Canvas Storage Box

A functional closet is oftentimes an organized one, so tuck seasonal and rarely used items out of the way. A few of these linen bins on a high shelf would be ideal for swimsuits and beach cover-ups in the winter; hats, gloves, and scarves in the summer; or formal accessories that only get pulled out for the occasional wedding. In a linen closet, they’ll also keep extra sheet sets dust-free.