This In-House Target Brand Is the Glue That Keeps My Life Together

No, really.

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There are plenty of memes floating about the Internet about just how easy it is to enter a Target and, within the span of an hour or less, find yourself with a cart brimming with items you may or may not need. Albeit my experience of this common phenomenon occurred while online shopping, and I’m here to report that the things I placed in my cart did, in fact, change my life. You see, reader, Target’s Made By Design line has revolutionized the way I organize, and therefore, the way I live.

This minimalist line—which offers everything from cabinet and closet organizational tools to cooking accessories and simple decorative pieces—isn’t new. Made By Design is just about a year old, having debuted last June. A few new things have been added to the collection over this calendar year, but still, I can’t help but feel like we aren’t making as big a deal about it as we should. With its quality design and low price points, this in-house brand has become my favorite way to conquer the chaos that sometimes erupts in my Brooklyn apartment.

I’ve already spoken about my gateway purchase: Made By Design’s ultra-sleek shoe organizer made me believe that shoe organizers don’t have to be an eyesore. Rather, they make it easier for me to keep my life together, without sacrificing style.

My next purchase was bigger and made with the aim to tackle a more complex problem: making my small kitchen a more hospitable place for my regular cooking habits. My cabinet storage simply was not enough for the quantity of food I had on hand at any given moment, but then I found the perfect things to fix that.

See, Made By Design has no lack of cabinet organizing tools. From small shelves to lazy Susans, there are plenty of ways to maximize the stuff you stash, even in the smallest of kitchen cabinets. I bought a large shelf to keep my under-the-sink storage tidier, and for my personal cabinet space (since I share my apartment with two roommates, after all), I picked up this two-tier organizer. Suddenly, everything I owned seemed to fit, and I was no longer at risk of causing an avalanche of dried goods anytime I opened the cabinet door.

Since I made these purchases at the end of last summer, I’ve added a few more things from this treasured Target line to my shopping cart, and none have disappointed. The secret to keeping my life together, it seems, lies in affordable, unfussy organizational tools and home essentials. Here’s what else I’m loving.

The luxurious fruit basket

If your typical, round fruit basket is a studio apartment, then this stackable creation is a multi-floor condominium. I have two, which I’ve stacked on top of each other to keep my hand fruit and root vegetables neatly arranged.

The clothing stacker

My closet may not be tiny, but it is still pretty small. That’s why I got this hanging organizer. Since my large collection of coats dominates a lot of the real estate in my closet, this hanging organizer makes the perfect space to stash my dresses, all folded and stacked by color.

The fine frame

I’m a stickler for only hanging framed art in my apartment and have been for years—but let’s be honest: Nice frames are pricey! This matted option is a bargain and makes any print look pristine.

The great grater

I’m not going to lie: This grater is not totally revolutionary. But it’s made a major difference in my cooking habits since I bought it. I had long resisted buying a flat grater, since I had a mini, four-sided one that frankly wasn’t, well, that great. With a price of $6, this grater was a purchase I didn’t have to think about twice—and its benefits far exceed what I paid.

The soothing oils

There is no shortage of uses for essential oils. Most recently, I’ve been adding a few drops to my bucket of water and cleaning concentrate when I mop. This set of three calming oils costs less than $20, and it includes my favorite scent, which can be difficult to find outside the month of December: balsam fir.

The clear container

I’ve waxed poetic about the delights of pouring dried goods into pretty containers fairly recently. That’s why I’m tempted to get my hands on this sleek vessel. I just know it would make my pasta, rice, or quinoa look even nicer in my cabinet.

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