By Shani Silver

Published on February 6, 2016

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Photography by LIVET HEMMA

When the storage capacity in a space isn’t ideal, we don’t see a problem, we see an opportunity. If your wardrobe doesn’t really have a home in your home, there are plenty of ways to get creative and add both storage and style to even the smallest space. Read on for proof that if you don’t have a closet–that’s okay. You don’t need one.

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Photography by BRIT.CO

Go beyond the bedroom.

Your bedroom’s lack of a closet might be a hint. Try a clothing rack or two in the living room for added storage and even a fun way to divide a room.

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Photography by PINTEREST


Your clothing covers multiple lengths, and your clothing rods can, too. Layer rods over each other, keeping longer items like maxi dresses on the lower levels.

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Photography by BOLIGCIOUS

Explore nontraditional design.

The perfect closet for you space might be a piece you’ve never seen before. Think outside the standard clothing rack.

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One-purpose shelving.

Shoes can count as decor. We said it and we meant it. Dedicate what wall space you can to tiered shelving for shoes to get them off that pile on the ground and elegantly organized.

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Photography by LIVET HEMMA

Sneaky, sneaky.

A floor-to-ceiling curtain hung behind a bed creates hidden space prime for clothing storage. The curtain creates privacy enough to make it your dressing room, too.

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Go low, middle, and high.

Every inch of that wall is there for a reason. Compartmentalize each section to be useful, and evenly space items among each section to prevent a cluttered look.

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Join forces.

If hanging a clothing rod won’t suffice for your whole wardrobe, add shelving or a dresser with deep drawers to help contain the couture.

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Photography by STUDDED HEARTS

Think outside the box–literally.

Not all closet solutions are created equal. It might take more than a snap-together clothing rack to get the job done. Explore custom design to really suit the space you’ve got.