8 ways to use a closet (other than for clothes!)

Need an extra guest room or a spot to store your collection of Cabernet? Consider these closet transformations to make more room in your home.

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Bookworms big and small will appreciate a new spot to kick back and relax with a good read. Add side shelves for book storage and overstuffed pillows to help you prop up into your favorite reading repose.

Since babies don’t actually need that much space when it’s time to sleep, turn an extra bedroom closet into a micro nursery, complete with a crib and storage for diapers and duds.

Keep your washer, dryer, and dirty laundry behind closed doors. Cover the walls with pegboard so you can store odds and ends that are helpful to have on hand, like small tools and wrapping paper.

The hallway closet is always a crash pad for boots, backpacks, coats, and lots of empty hangers. Instead, take off the doors and turn it into a miniature mudroom to corral your clutter right at the door—and have space to sit while you pull off those boots.

Some of us spend more money on bottles of Syrah than shoes, and if that’s the case, turn your extra closet into a mini bar. If space allows, slide in a mini fridge to have a few bottles chilled and ready to pour. 

Win instant brownie points with the kiddos by giving them a permanent fort in the house. It sure beats letting them use your best bed sheets in the living room.

Don’t dedicate an entire room to your home office when you can keep it tucked away in a closet, where some of the less-pretty office staples (the shredder and printer) are better suited anyway. When it’s time to log off, simply close the doors and unwind.

Though we don’t suggest cramming your guests into any old closet overnight, if you’ve got an oversized storage space, turn it into a super-small suite. We’d recommend a spot that’s big enough to fit a twin mattress if you want to achieve “hostess with the mostess” status.