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Up until recently, my storage solution for clean (i.e. ready to wear) face masks hasn’t been a storage solution at all. I’ve essentially just been stacking them on top of a chest of drawers by my front door, creating a less-than-charming tableau of messy fabric. It didn’t bother me that much at first, but now that masks are set to be a wardrobe staple for the foreseeable future, I’ve come to terms with the necessity for a more sustainable system. One that is, ideally, both aesthetically pleasing and appropriately functional. Eager to spread a wide net for creative input, I polled my followers on Instagram and asked for suggestions. Below are six recommendations that fulfilled my criteria and then some, culled from hundreds (!) of helpful insights.   

If You’re All About Easy Grab-and-Go, Try Hooks

By far the most recommended mask-storage system was hooks, primarily because this kind of setup makes masks easy to grab when you’re rushing out the door. Crystal hooks coated with a chromatic film or this seashell style would look charming whether something was hanging off of them or not. If simple but still colorful is more of your jam, check Scout Regalia’s powder-coated pieces.  


If You Want Your Storage to Double as Art,  Try a Hand Sculpture

This unique suggestion provides similar functional ease to that of a hook or peg, but with a more decorative bent, allowing for a handful (he-he) of self-expression. For a compelling example of what it could look like in action, this photo featuring a trio of fists is great inspiration.

Organization photo
Opened Hand Wall Hanger, Etsy ($16)

If You Want Your Masks Out of Sight, Try a Lidded Bowl or Jar

This approach lets you keep masks in plain view. As long as you don’t mind the added step of lifting up the lid—or the lack of a visual “don’t forget your mask!” reminder—then covered containers are the most seamless way to store them (the vessel blends right in with your typical decor).

If You Already Have a Serious Accessories Collection, Try a Jewelry Tree

Maybe you already own a jewelry tree, in which case this is a great opportunity to repurpose something you already have. If you don’t but you like the idea of plucking clean masks like apples, might I suggest a minimalist option from West Elm? 

Organization photo
Yamazaki Accessory Tray, West Elm ($25)

If You Want to Take Advantage of Vertical Space, Try a Mounted Basket

My personal at-home organization philosophy is what I would call lazy neat, so I’m a big fan of baskets. They’re easy to chuck things into helter-skelter, while still maintaining the appearance of aesthetic thoughtfulness, and hanging them on the wall leaves the top of your console or dresser clutter-free. 

If You Need a Better Way to Store Dirty Masks, Too, Try This Envelope Bin

One of my followers pointed me in the direction of Graf Lantz’s Envelope Bins, which are specifically designed as a safe way of storing used face masks. Not only are the soft pouches made from naturally antimicrobial merino wool, but they also offer a viable way of unloading dirty masks into your washing machine hands-free (you just turn them upside down and empty them right in). 

Organization photo
Anshin Envelope Bin, Graf Lantz ($68)

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