These 9 Grocery Storage Solutions Might Help Your Food Last Longer

Bonus: Your kitchen is about to look even nicer.

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Potatoes spilling out on the kitchen counter, plastic-encased herbs wilting in the fridge, farmers market bread losing its freshness in just a few short days—the way you store your food affects how long it lasts. It also affects the neatness of your kitchen. Luckily, there are plenty of solutions that make it easy to extend the lifetime of your food and elevate the appearance of your space all at once.

Your taste in food storage can be greatly affected by where you live. In Europe, eggs are often found on countertops, but in the United States, refrigeration is recommended because of differences in production. The French also have a secret for keeping butter perfectly spreadable, and it has everything to do with how you stash it.

Other ways of organizing groceries simply come down to taste: A woven basket and a wire bin both make for ideal spots to stash fresh fruits or vegetables. And when it comes to storing bread, herbs, and even cheese, a little extra innovation can make your food last longer. After all, why not cut down on food waste while making your kitchen look even nicer? Shop our edit of the best food storage solutions below.

If you’re going to shell out a little extra cash for some fancy Maldon salt, you may as well have the perfect ceramic jar to put it in that’s perfect for grabbing a pinch whenever you need it.

Woven by artisans in Puebla, Mexico, this hanging basket provides ample storage space for all your room temperature–friendly fruits. Stash heavier oranges and apples in the lower bin and toss some tiny clementines up top.

Behold the French solution to always having perfectly smearable, soft butter. When water is added to this ceramic vessel, it creates an airtight seal, allowing you to keep your butter on the counter without fear that it will spoil.

A beautiful brass bowl feels like the ideal vessel for a wide array of in-season citrus—you’d better stock up.

If you want to cut down on your plastic usage, skip the cling wrap and use a cheese vault to preserve your cheddar instead. This container provides an ideal environment that reduces the risk of mold. With a size-adjustable interior, it can also store multiple hunks of cheese at once.

Don’t let your bread go bad before you can enjoy it all. This bread box is a savior whether you’re trying to make the most of a farmers market loaf or your go-to sandwich bread.

With small and large sizes available, this basket by Target’s Made by Design line can easily accommodate fruit or potatoes and onions. You might even want to use it to keep your fridge tidy.

Prevent your mint, parsley, and other herbs from wilting before you have the chance to make use of them. This pretty herb keeper helps your greenery stay fresh for up to two weeks.

Made with locally sourced sisal rope in Swaziland, this expertly woven basket doubles as a tablescape statement piece and a storage solution for fresh lemons, limes, garlic, and more.

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