Published on January 1, 2019

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courtesy of Bridget Ambrose

You know how the saying goes: new year, new you. January is a month rife with the desire for change, freshness, and renewal, and when it comes to your home, the need for a reset button can feel especially urgent. The effort of pushing out the old and pulling in the new is equal parts emotional and physical, which is precisely why giving your space good vibes involves healing on multiple levels—and why there’s no better person to help you refresh the energy of your home than an energy healer.

With a neutral-filled home, speckled with houseplants, brass accents, and Southwestern decor, Bridget Ambrose has created her own sanctuary, and as an interior stylist (as well as a tarot reader and energy medicine healer), she helps others to do the same. Feel like you’re in need of an energy shift? Follow the Missoula-based healer’s tips to revitalize your home.

Clear the Air

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Photography by Bridget Ambrose

For Ambrose, the first step to creating a sacred space involves crystals and smoke, which can help to reset the energy in your home when used in cleansing rituals. “Selenite is an easy to find and an affordable crystal, which has a beautiful way of cleansing and clearing the space. It’s the perfect stone to keep near your front door or any room you want to maintain a positive vibe,” she says.

For smoke cleaning, a wide array of herbs will do—just be sure to buy only sustainably sourced, ethical options. If you use herbs grown in your backyard, even better. “Home is really an extension of your heart. We all need a safe place to discover ourselves and in turn, those we love,” Ambrose says. “It begins with an environment we can learn from, and from there, we are able to hold our energy no matter where we are.”

Tidy Up Clutter

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Photography by Bridget Ambrose

Ever take a look around your home and know that you should clean it only to find yourself totally unable to do so? It’s probably because the energy is off—and your clutter isn’t helping with that. “Energy in our homes, just like in our bodies, can become stagnant leaving us feeling overwhelmed, distracted, unsatisfied, anxious, and exhausted,” Ambrose says. “Because life will always include cycles of chaos, pay attention to any passive chaos (unattended messes, clutter, anything that annoys us), which can build and lead to stagnant or negative energy in our home and lives over time.”

She recommends taking a Marie Kondo–esque approach to sorting out which things you need and which you don’t by asking a few key questions of each item in your home: “Do the memories of the things in your home weaken or strengthen you? Do they inspire or overwhelm you? Do you love it or is it time to let it go?” Understandably, you might not be able to part with everything in your home that fails to spark joy for you (does a printer or bulky vacuum elicit an emotional response in anyone?), so when you can, stow these kinds of items where they’ll be out of sight until you need them. 

Figure Out Your Personal Style

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Photography by Bridget Ambrose

“Every item in your home is holding energy that is being reflected back to you. And while design and products can accent any space, feel is something only you can create,” Ambrose says. The advice to fill your home with things that you love may seem obvious, but mapping out your personal style may be trickier than it seems, especially when you’re blending your taste with that of your significant other and additional family members. “Trust your intuition and pay attention to what you’re drawn to so you can personally discover your own style,” she says. “I begin every design with just a few key elements I love and think about how to expand that vibe into the room, and have fun experimenting to find what really resonates with your personality and the people you share your home with.”

Bring in Extra-Personal Elements

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Photography by  Bridget Ambrose

As a self-described “sanctuary-maker,” Ambrose prioritizes elements that create a comfortable atmosphere, which doesn’t just mean piling your space with blankets and pillows (though, admittedly, those can help). Though her home is dressed in a largely neutral palette, it’s filled with small details that add a personal touch, which can make all the difference.

“For me, sanctuary is really anywhere within your home you feel safe, grounded, and loved,” Ambrose says. “Some essentials are reminders of your inner light, of love, of spirit, or anything that lifts your energy no matter how small. Crystals, plants, glass, feathers, art, photographs, family heirlooms, and artisan handmade items all remind me of my connection to all things far beyond myself.”

Make Your Own Decisions

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Photography by Bridget Ambrose

“My healing work and home styling passion is aligned to the idea of investing in yourself and your environment—paying attention to what we choose and how it makes us feel,” says Ambrose. “Choice is the one aspect of our lives that we have control over. Whether it be designing a home or the life we want, the experiences that challenge us the most help us become wiser, more open, more understanding, and more empowered to do what we are meant to do.”

When it comes to customizing your space, this can be as simple as selecting a sofa in a fun color, even if it might not be the most practical option, treating yourself to a pricey piece you’ve had your eye on for ages, or even just following your own style instead of sticking closely to trends. After all, it is your home—it should look and feel exactly how you want it to.

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