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For those who have exhausted their New Year resolutions, perhaps a little change is in order. And no, we’re not talking about redoing your entire home but rather, making a few swaps to channel the essence of the season and all the good that comes with. 
Enter the ancient art of feng shui: The Chinese philosophical system of organization, built on the pillars of spatial arrangement. Akin to the belief that specific items and their positions can have an impact on our sense of self, feng shui draws on the natural energies of what surrounds us. Both complex and entirely approachable, there are varying degrees as to how one can embrace feng shui.
Working under the assumption that few of us have the time or effort to completely revamp our current living situations, we set out to uncover a handful of ways you can easily implement feng shui in your home. Read: low-effort solutions that will, in time, make a big impact. 


It’s safe to say that most of us have resolved to become more organized in 2018. Aside from the fact that it can help rid your space of allergens, it will undoubtedly impart your home with a refreshed feel. Don’t overwhelm yourself by attempting to tackle everything at once. Focus on a compact spot—think: bookshelves, shoe rack, the pantry—before moving on to the more intense of projects.


Establishing balance within your personal space is a vital part of feng shui. There are a variety of ways in which this can be achieved, and perfect pairs are an ideal starting point. Take the bedroom—in lieu of a single nightstand opt for two, even if you happen to live alone. Symmetry is an important decorative element and should translate into your bedding as well.  

Embrace the Five Elements

At its essence, feng shui encompasses five elements: metal, fire, earth, wood, and water. Establishing balance between said elements in a space is crucial to the success of the concept. Decoratively speaking, there are specific rooms, such as the living room, where doing so is easier than others, such as an entryway. Regardless of that, we’re all for starting out small, and embracing each one of these specific elements is a great way to begin.




through saturated reds, blush pink accents, and well…fire itself. For those of us not blessed with an actual fireplace, a candle will have to do. Bring in a new set of throw pillows, boasting the hues evocative of a blazing fire or opt for a new set of curtains in a delicate shade of blush. And yes, shower curtains count.

Fundamentally, there are a number of components pertaining to feng shui, which are essentially straightforward: balance and organization. Creating a space that encourages free-flowing movement is key and with that, comes the obvious absence of items that impede said movement. Avoiding harsh corners and edges is important, while embracing round shapes can make a significant difference in energy.



with the help of circular shapes. Outfit your entryway with a round mirror—as designer Joyce Lee did in her Manhattan home—or opt for a round coffee table, if you’re feeling a more significant change.

Metals are often characterized by grays or whites, hence why a whitewashed backdrop is of the essence. Feeling a change? Take a cue from one of 2018’s leading color trends and deck your space with a splash of timeless gray.




, and


can be seamlessly integrated within one another. More organically inclined than the aforementioned two, these elements embody the subdued.

Consider this an incentive for finally splurging on that plant you’ve long had your eye on. Fill your space with brightly potted greens. The more the better, if you ask us. Intersperse them among a shelf via your favorite titles and art or, take things further by dedicating an entire shelving system to that ever-growing collection of plants.

Above, a one-time medicinal cabinet is transformed into a mini plant display, incorporating earth, wood, and fire. Yep, it’s as easy as that. 

Upgrade your existing design scheme with a natural slew of furnishings or accent pieces. Think along the lines of handmade ceramics, perhaps a sleek rattan pendant, or even a crystal.

At its core, it’s about creating a space where you feel at ease, open, and free. Tidy up regularly and fill your home with items that give you joy. You’ll see a difference in no time.

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